The Great Electric Scooter Debate | Live Show #59

Tonight, the great electric scooter debate featuring the ESG team and PEV all-stars including Adam Malicki from Wrong Way, AJ Hart from Voro Motors, and Carter from Nordium. We will also choose the winner from Photo Friday, share Scooter News from around the world, Facebook giveaway, Community Content with Halloween Havoc, and much more!

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Pre-Show: 00:00
Intro: 00:20
ESG Photo Friday: 04:12
ESG Community Content: 07:24
New Scooters: 19:45
Deal of the Week: 21:23
Great Scooter Debate: 22:17
Micromobility News: 1:08:34
Industry News: 1:10:23
Facebook Giveaway: 1:12:45
Instagram Giveaway: 1:14:57

Wrong Way:
Voro Motors:

Halloween Havoc videos (full):
Gabe Goffin:
The Electric Life:

Sponsor: Apollo Scooters
Giveaway: Cup Holder, Anti Theft Alarm & a 2500 Lumen Headlight*
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Winner announced on Liveshow, 12/1/20

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📰 NEWS 📰
Harley Davidson unveils Serial 1 Cycle:
Lithuania Cash for Clunkers:
Madrid e-transport Bonds:
UberMoto pilot in Paris:

Industry News
Apollo Scooters: Black Friday sale:
Voro Motors: New dealer in NorCal (Sierra Ebike):
Swagtron: EB bike series in stock and on sale, hoverboard preview:

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Motorcycle Arts – Create Your Own Masterpiece

Creating a motorcycle masterpiece through art is a simple task if you have the talent. Those who do not have the talent should hire an individual for help. But the cool thing is, the fun comes before the actual paint job.

Rules For Riding A Motorbike

The number of motorbikes in the country are constantly increasing and so is the rate of road accidents connected with motorbike. The thrill of speed when riding a motorbike is really exciting and can send a thousand sensations whenever one would straddle on the powerful motorbike. But some motorbike drivers want to test their limitations and would speed up beyond the speed limit that is why there have been so many reported road accidents related to motorbike driving. Aside from the speed the other reason why accidents happen when driving a motorbike is when a driver is drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Motorcycle Armor Jackets – The Top Three

Do you require a little extra protection during an evening of biking? There were a number of ways to make your ride safer, but the number once choice next to a helmet is a motorcycle armor jacket. Never be unprepared when it comes to the open road.

Motorcycle AM/FM Radio – Why Choose a Radio?

The AM/FM radio has been the key to entertainment too many people’s lives. Biking and listening to the radio is sometimes skeptical, but practically of high value in nature.

Motorcycle Jack – Motorcycle Enthusiast’s First Choice

Most of the people prefer a motorcycle as a mode of transportation because it not only adds an excitement to the journey but is also at the same time cost effective motor vehicle. Using a motorcycles saves gas money that is unnecessarily spent if you are undertaking your journey by a car. In addition to this, motorcycles are the best vehicles to get through a heavy traffic jams effortlessly saving ones time and money.

Motorcycle Lift Table – Uses and Safety Measures

To raise a motorcycle on a steady platform lift tables are used, permitting bike enthusiasts and motorcycle mechanics unobstructed access to examine and repair vehicle from underneath. In case there is a need to replace wheel, these lifts are appropriate to perform such task. In most of the auto repair shops multiple vehicle lift tables are standard equipments that can be seen.

Motorcycle Stand – The Best Tool

Motorcycles are one of the favorite vehicles for today’s generation youngsters. They often enjoy riding their bikes and undertake long expeditions on them. In order to perform simple tasks such as cleaning, washing, oiling and even greasing chain, these enthusiasts do not prefer taking their bike to the automobile garage because Motorcycle Stand have made their task easier and simpler.

Ramps for Sale

Many people often visit forests or dense places by their car or truck in order to explore such places. They know that in these places motorcycles are best because they can not continue their adventurous expedition through woods on their four wheeled vehicle. In order to make journey more exciting and convenient they usually carry their motorcycles with them.

Oh Snaps

When did snaps become part of clothing and who invented them? Snaps first were patented by a German man named Heribert Bauer in 1885, and were called “Federknopf-Verschluss”. This fastener was used for men’s trousers. When did they start being called “snaps”? It was when Jack Weil patented a new kind of snap that that word came into being. It is good to know who it is we have to thank for the inventions that are part of our everyday life.

Motorcycle Apparel – Must Own Motorcycle Apparel

Motorcycle apparel is what helps keep a biker in good condition no matter the weather. Being prepared with such apparel will ensure a fun and safe ride for you and your company.

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