The FIRST Ever BACKFLIP on an Electric Scooter ⚡️🛴

We thought this wasn’t possible!!! To our knowledge: a backflip on an electric scooter has never been achieved before.

@ our audience: we’re not going to tell you to do a backflip on a Wolf King GT or BURN-E 2 but…send us footage if you do (stay safe out there) Probably super difficult due to center of mass far from your body.

Eight Types Of Bikes At Motorcycle Dealers

The world of bike dealerships is loaded with various type of bikes. Right here are the eight most common kinds that you will encounter.

Top Seven Movies Made Cooler by Motorcycles

Motorbikes do not simply increase the trendy aspect for everybody that straddles them. By making looks in different flicks, the bikes have in fact made the flicks themselves cooler and much more watchable.

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