The Fastest I Have Ever Gone on a Scooter! Dualtron Storm 60+ MPH Ride

Super stoked to get my hands on the Dualtron Storm for the weekend! Enjoy these highlights from my first ride with Storm as I go the fastest I ever have on an electric scooter.

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The Benefits of Discount Motorcycle Helmets

Discount motorcycle Helmets are fast turning into the favored choice among motorcycle and moped owners. The existing commercial crisis has sent many in pursuit of lower price helmets with the same level of safety, protection and comfort that higher priced helmets provide. Ongoing research and development by the auto industry, that has always emphasised the significance of safety for drivers and riders, continues to boost the protection that quality motorcycle helmets provide.

Motorcycling Helmets

They come in all shapes and sizes and they can be considered as the most essential part of a biking gear as these are the ones that ensure safety to a biker. They mainly protect the rider’s head but there are helmets that come handy with added advantages like ventilation, ear shield and such others.

Cheap Motorcycle Helmets – Tips in Finding the Right One For You

For many individuals, motorcycles are an exciting form of travel and recreation. However if correct safety measures aren’t noted, riding a motorcycle could be a threatening enterprise. Motorbike deaths have increased by 127% over the last 10 years. Most states have some kind of laws governing helmet use when operating a motorcycle. The necessity of these laws is supported by the facts. Studies show that 65% of motorcyclists snuffed out weren’t wearing a helmet. Since a helmet is …

Does the New Honda VFR1200F Revolutionise Motorcycle Riding?

The motorcycle market had all become a bit stale and predictable over the last twelve months. New models were released without a great deal of modifications being made, old models were tweaked to make them seem more appealing and new concept models that actually looked very promising on paper were scrapped.

Motorcycle Covers

If you own a motorcycle one of the best investments that you can make is purchasing a motorcycle cover. It will protect your bike from rain, sun, scratches and dirt. Keeping your motorcycle covered when you are not riding will help you to maintain either the mint factory condition or classic restorations. It may even detour thieves and vandals.

How to Make Money Selling Second Hand Bikes

The second hand bikes market is one of the most inefficient and unorganized market. It is common sense among bankers that inefficient and unorganized markets are the best market for making money through trading. Earning money in the second hand bikes market is as simple as buying at lower price and selling at higher price.

Pit Bikes Vs Go Karts – Which Will Be the Favourite With Tomorrow’s Kids?

For a long time in America and Europe go karts have been the most popular motor based child’s sport, starting out with the pedal powered Kettler and other Karts and progressing all the way up to the petrol powered go karts you see driving fast around your local go kart track. But the latest trend see’s the introduction of a two wheeled equivilent – the Pit Bike. With the internet helping pit bike popularity rocket and ever decreasing prices pushed down by the larger quantities purchased, will the dwarf motorbikes overtake the 4 wheeled traditional go kart in popularity?

Staying Safe While Riding a Motorcycle With Motorcycle Gear

Owning and riding a motorcycle is one of the most thrilling things in life. You are out and open to the feel of the wind rushing at you. But unlike a driving a car and getting in an accident and your car may get a little banged up, a motorcycle is way different. Once you go down on a motorcycle, even at a slow speed, you better have some protective gear on.

Kinetic Sym Flyte

Kinetics Motor Company is known for providing high quality and high performing vehicles for the Indian market. Now recently Kinetic has launched a middle range scooter, Flyte, in the cooperation with reputed SYM brand of Taiwan. SYM refers to San Yang Motor.

The History of Velocette Motorcycles

The Veloce company was formed by a family of motorcyclists, which showed through the design and quality of the manufacturing of the machines called Velocette. That family was the Goodman’s, and three generations controlled the Hall Green firm over the years.

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