The Apollo Air + Pro Review: A New Scooter That Looks Good and Handles Even Better

Finally, the Full Review of the NEW Apollo Air and Apollo Air Pro ( ). Tune in to learn about these new sleek and fun entry level scooters !

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PREORDER to save $100 on the AIR and $150 on the AIR PRO

Comparison Scooters:
Xiaomi M365:
Segway Ninebot Max G30LP:

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Top Features of Mini Choppers

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History of the Suzuki GT550

The Suzuki GT 550 was part of their famous GT (Grand Touring) series of the 1970s, which included the GT750 and GT380. Manufactured for six years (1972 to ’77), the GT550 was available in 6 different models, starting with the 1972 GT550J and ending with the 1977 GT550B. As a result, each year the motorcycle came with improved features, although the main specs remained almost unchanged.

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History of the Honda CB-1 NC27

The Honda CB-1 NC27 was a naked street bike first manufactured in 1989 for Honda’s domestic Japanese market. As a result, it has an unusual 399cc engine displacement, a size not generally seen outside Japan. However, this motorcycle was imported to both US and Canada, and many reached UK shores as a gray import.

History of the Honda C90

In essence, the Honda C90 was introduced as an upgraded version of the Honda C70 in 1978. Primarily deemed as falling under the scooter motorcycle category, the Honda C90 achieved immense popularity within local as well as international markets owing to its decent physical exterior, commendable engine schematics and substantial reliability from an overall perspective. The Honda C90 comprised of an OHC single cylinder (2 valves per cylinder) four stroke air cooled engine with a displacement rating of about 89 CC.

History of the Honda C50

First seen in 1958, the Honda C50 Super Cub is still in production today, easily making it the world’s most popular motorcycle. Of course, many changes to the basic specifications were made in the five decades, but the basic appearance and design has remained true to the very first 1958 C50. A very small vehicle, it was powered by a tiny 49cc engine that produced barely 4.

History of the Honda C70

The Honda C70 began manufacture in 1967 as a more powerful version of the world’s most popular motorcycle, the Honda C50 Super Cub. Just like the Super Cub, the C70 has remained in production until this day, speaking volumes about its dependability and popularity among riders. A classic underbone motorcycle design, the C70 closely resembles the Super Cub, but carries a larger 72cc air-cooled engine that gave riders 6.

History of the Honda CA 125

Launched back in 1995, the Honda CA 125 had a cruiser inspired design, but a frugal commuter engine straight out of the 1980s Honda CB 125. This gave the CA 125 owner a unique experience, with riding feel very similar to the larger American cruisers. Even the seat mimicked a solo rider style, with just a basic pad for the pillion rider.

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