The 2019 Scooties – Top Voted Electric Scooters

The ballets are closed and the people have spoken. Can you guess who won?


🏆Awards this year are for:🏆

🛴 Momma’s Boy Award (scooter your mom or dad would approve of) (r) – Xiaomi M365 (
🛴The Biggest Piece of $H1T Award (r) – Bird One (
🛴Most Prolific Electric Scooter Rider – Alienrides (
🛴Most Likely to Win a Beauty Pageant (r) – Unagi Model One (
🛴Kipchoge Award (longest range) – Emove Cruiser (
🛴Best Electric Scooter Vlogger – Ben Fox (
🛴The Rock Award (largest scooter) – Dualtron X (
🛴Most Hated Scooter on Reddit (r) – Boosted Rev (
🛴Baddest Scooter on the Planet (r) – Kaabo Wolf Warrior (

(r) denotes awards that were voted on via the r/electricscooters subreddit.


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