Testing Nami Burn-e Electric Scooter Fender Against Water

A quick demonstration of the Nami Burn-e (Viper) fenders and how they protect the rider from any splash back!

Camera – Samsung S20 Ultra Phone
Microphone – Whatever comes with the Samsung S20 Ultra πŸ˜…

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Safe Motorcycle Riding – Protective Apparel

Road Rash, aside from the popular game, is the scraping away of your skin, etc. from your body parts as it slides along the road surface. Abrasions and possible lacerations are extremely painful. Your best choices for protection are thicker leather and abrasion resistant advanced technology lightweight fabrics such as Cordura, Gore-Tex and Kevlar.

Motorcycle Saddlebags – The Benefits

Keep everything safe and secured while riding down the road on your motorcycle in saddlebags. Besides adding style to your motorcycle with all the different styles and shapes that are offered today, motorcycle saddlebags have many benefits.

Motorcycles for Sale – What You Need To Know

Are you planning on looking for motorcycles for sales? Then there are a few things that you need to know. This especially applies to those who have never owned a motorcycle before. Even though there are certain parts to buying a motorcycle that are similar to buying a car, there are still a few things that you need to know when you start looking for motorcycles for sale.

Quickshifters and Clutchless Gear Shifts

The Flatshifter Auto Throttle Blip downshifter employs a patented system which powers and automatically regulates downshifting using engine vacuum. The operation of the system is based on the principle that engine inlet manifold vacuum is approximately proportional to engine load when a vehicle is coasting with the throttle closed. The throttle blip control box houses a valve which, when triggered by the main control box, feeds a timed and regulated pulse of engine vacuum to the throttle blipper which in turn blips the throttle by a controlled amount depending…

Picking The Right Motorcycle Accessories

For those who own a motorcycle, many will often add motorcycle accessories to add their bike appearance. These motorcycle accessories, can often be customized to fit your bike. Depending on what you get, will also depend on the price range.

Looking for a Perfect Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

The motorcycling era has called for an article that will protect the exposed human skin from harsh environmental factors. It naturally paved way for the use of leather jackets. The leather motorcycle jackets came into the scene when movie icons like James Dean wore it in some of their movie flicks. However, leather jackets not only serve as mere fashion frenzy. It is also an indispensable paraphernalia to keep bikers warm and dry.

How To Store Your Motorcycle During Winter

If you want to slash a substantial percentage on your mechanic’s bill, properly prepare your motorcycle for long winter’s storage. This is a basic guide on how to prep your motorcycle for a long season of inactivity.

A Motorcyclist’s Guide To Urban Traffic

Learn all the basic motorcycle riding techniques to help you survive urban traffic. Actively practice all these avoidance maneuver skills and make highway tiding a leisure pursuit.

Gaining Experience For Motorcycles

I love speed! I love driving in a small car and zip in and out of the other cars. It is no wonder that I want to own a motorcycle.

Why You Should Go On A Long Motorcycle Tour Today

Read this no non-sense guide to taking a long journey on a motorcycle. Know the details on how to keep the motorcycle rolling and things to keep the rider going.

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