Test Set 8 – Vsett 8 Hands On Review 2021

Test Set 8

The VSETT 8 is the most economical scooter of the VSETT electric scooter line but while this escooter is budget friendly it is likewise abundant in functions. The VSETT 8 is a single motor commuter scooter that can increase to 26 mph and get about 25 miles of real usage variety. The VSETT escooter has an adjustable suspension system and a strong rear tire to prevent flats. Test Set 8


The VSETT 8+ is almost identical to the VSETT 8, except it has double motors and both tires are solid. The VSETT 8+ is created to be a maintenance complimentary commuter scooter with plenty of power to increase hills.

If you enjoy the VSETT scooters but are on a budget plan, the VSETT 8 and VSETT 8+ lets you experience some cool upgrades without breaking the bank. In this review we will let you understand what we like, the downsides, who this scooter is designed for, and what to look for in a commuter scooter.

Test Set 8

Top Speed

A single 600W peak-power brushless hub motor allows the Vsett 8 to reach a maximum speed of 26 MPH. This is sufficient to satisfy the needs of a lot of riders. That’s not all! This maker has the upper hand over a wealth of other daily scooters. Out of 25 electric scooters with a similar rate and weight that we’ve examined previously, the Vsett 8 is the second-fastest model, beating big names such as Horizon 13 and Apollo City.

Hill Climbing

I’ll cut to the chase; the Vsett 8 is an entry-level e-scooter. You should not expect it to smash the steepest of slopes.

The scooter’s 600W brushless motor, situated in the rear, allows it to climb up hills with approximately 18-degree inclines. This may not appear like much, but it is, in fact, three degrees steeper than what you receive from the majority of scooters in the Vsett 8’s cost range.

If you want makers that perform much better at climbing up hills in the Vsett e-scooters line-up, then attempt the 9 (15.6 Ah), the 9+ (19.2 Ah), or perhaps the 9+ R. The trio has a climbing up range of 25 degrees.

Battery & Range

With its 48V 15.6 Ah 750 WH LG battery, the Vsett 8 can reach 48 kilometres (30 miles) on a single charge. This maximum variety places the scooter in the exact same classification as the Mantis 8 Base and Speedway Leger.

The INOKIM Quick 4 Super 70 km (43 mi) is the best mile-munching machine in the Vsett’s rate variety and weight bracket, but there’s a catch; the Quick 4 is without suspension, suggesting that its flight quality is inferior to that of the Vsett 8.

Like other scooters in Vsett’s range, the Vsett 8 has a dual-charging system situated at the top left of the deck. Its battery will take about 11 hours to charge completely when utilizing a single charger, but if you plug in a second battery charger, it is reduced to 5.5 hours. (Note: The Vsett 8 features only one charger. You might wish to shell out the additional �,� 45 for a second battery charger.).


Test Set 8

Performance Overview.

With a top speed of 26 mph and a series of up to 30 miles, the Vsett 8 is truly an flawless performer. This is particularly the case if you bring the rate into the formula.

Lest you forget, this scooter’s two big brothers, namely, the Vsett 8+ and the Vsett 8R, churn out almost the very same max speed as the Vsett 8. They carry a greater cost tag! Furthermore, the Vsett 8’s 30 miles variety is on par with the similarity the Mantis 8 and Speedway Leger.

So, how does the Vsett 8 carry out on rough surface areas? All of Vsett 8’s wheels include premium coil-spring suspensions (also called the “swingarm suspension system”) that are generally found in high-end electric scooters.

In this suspension system, custom coil rings are fitted with sophisticated polyurethane bushings to take in shocks from any rough surface areas thrown your way. The dual suspension integrated with the front pneumatic and solid rear tire delivers a more acceptable flight on uneven terrains. Test Set 8

Additionally, the Vsett 8 outperforms the competition in brake efficiency. Both its front and rear wheels are fitted with drum brakes with electric ABS. Better still, its brakes include an automated power-off function. This helps disengage the motor power when you engage the brakes.

Building and construction & Quality

The Vsett 8 may lack speed and hill-climbing range, however it’s certainly constructed to last. It’s made of the exact same material that Vsett’s more premium designs, in spite of costing hundreds less!

This scooter’s frame uses an aviation-grade aluminium forgoing alloy (otherwise called “6082-T6”). This material is extremely resistant to high-stress environments.

To put it into point of view, this very same material is used to construct trusses, cranes, bridges, and even beer barrels. The Vsett 8’s shaft is built from carbon-chromium alloy steel (known as “SCM400”). This is a high-steel purity product with a strong composition that makes sure minimal surface problems.

Its handlebars and fenders contain a mix of rubber and durable plastic. As for the suspension, Vsett’s engineers utilize polyurethane bushings to assist stabilize the front and rear C-spring’s toughness, convenience, and efficiency.

The entire plan comes in an attractive, army-issue colour scheme. This offers the Vsett 8 an aggressive look that advantages its efficiency and specifications.

Vsett 8 Pros

  • Decent speed and variety for beginners.
  • Compact and lightweight for fluid mobility.
  • Retractable handlebars offer a fast folding mechanism.
  • Adjustable stem makes it ideal for riders of all heights.
  • Front pneumatic tyre offers much better insulation from the ground.
  • Excellent swingarm suspension with adjustable setups.
  • NFC key lock motor immobiliser to prevent theft.
  • IP54 water resistance rating.

Vsett 8 Cons

  • Hill climbing variety is far from impressive for innovative riders.
  • Longer charge time than many scooters this size.
  • It comes with only one charger as requirement.
  • It requires a much better light for night-time riding.

Test Set 8

Vsett 8 Summary

The Vsett 8 is a convenient commuting choice that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on your wallet. Beyond its attractive, army-inspired colour scheme is a thoroughly thought-out style that will appeal to a wide range of riders. This electric scooter has a single 48V 600-watt brushless center motor that delivers much better hill-climbing torque than other designs in the Vsett variety.

While electric scooters with double motors use excellent hill-climbing abilities and quick velocity, they often cost double the Vsett 8. The Vsett 8 can easily climb 18-degree grade hills with ease, while its 48V 15.6 Ah LG battery enables it to strike an excellent top speed of 26 miles per hour and a series of up to 30 miles.

The team who engineered this scooter had their eyes set on comfort. Especially, the Vsett 8 features the signature Swingarm suspension that’s customisable for varied rider tastes. However that’s not all! This scooter also features some of the widest and most comfy handlebars in its class.

Both tires on the Vsett 8 are 21.6 cm in diameter, permitting an even smoother trip. Its front wheel couple with its strong rear tire to offer a comfortable trip with great deals of traction. What’s more, the solid rear tyre is resistant to flats, so you can eliminate punctures when you hit the road.

In terms of build quality and resilience, the Vsett 8 is area on. It’s made from the exact same product as a few of Vsett’s more premium models yet costs a fraction of the price. For beginners, the Vsett 8’s rugged frame is made of an aviation-grade aluminium forging alloy, referred to as “6082-T6.” This is the same material utilized to make trusses, cranes and even bridges.

In general, this scooter is a hard cookie that can stand up to high-stress conditions with little or no fuss at all. Test Set 8

Vsett 8: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

If you’re rooting for urban commuting, then I don’t think you’ll get better worth elsewhere. At just �,� 695, the Vsett 8 offers riders a max speed of 26 miles per hour and a good range of as much as 30 miles.

Additionally, it includes excellent features such as an NFC essential lock immobiliser, an adjustable telescoping stem, and adjustable suspension, to discuss just a few.

In general, the Vsett 8 is worth every cent of its asking price!

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