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Motorcycle Touring Tips

Motorcycle touring can mean different things to different riders. Depending on the rider, touring could be a weekend trip or weeks of traveling on the open highway. If you’re heading out on the road, you’re going to need a place to pack your stuff.

How To Ride A Bike Safely In Traffic

I’ve heard it said that if you can survive the first two years of riding a bike, you’ll be OK. I think this is a very dangerous statement, and anyone believing it is putting themselves and those around them at risk. The fact is that it’s dangerous full stop and once a rider realises this he or she is in a much safer place than the rider who doesn’t think about and actively look for the dangers.

Protective Motorcycle Clothing – To Wear Or Not to Wear?

Protective Motorcycle Clothing? Are you a Manly Man… Or… a Wimp? Wearing protective motorcycle clothing… or not… is something everybody has to decide. There are several directions that the thinking that goes into making that decision can take you… and remember… hospitals and graveyards are plumb full of ‘Manly Men’!

Teen Driver Safety For Motorcycles, Mopeds and Scooters

Many teen drivers today are turning to motorcycles, mopeds and scooters for transportation. These vehicles cost very little for gas, are easy to maneuver and park, and in some states, mopeds and scooters can be legally operated at a younger age than required for passenger vehicles and/or can be legally operated without a driver’s license. But the benefits of these vehicles are offset by the compromise in safety.

How Women Are Getting Better Deals on Harley Davidson and BMW Motorcycles

Women are getting better deals on motorcycles and not the way you may be thinking. Contrary to the popular stereo type of women being emotional and not logical, when women are considering buying a motorcycle, they go about it in a totally different way from what men do. And their technique results in them getting a much better price. Here’s how they do it.

You Just Got A New Motorcycle – Now What?

So you just got a great deal on a motorcycle that you wanted for a long time. It’s not brand new how ever it’s beautiful and it’s yours. You want to make it look different then the rest and want it faster then the rest. Here are a few suggestions for that new bike.

Advantage of Motorcycle Saddlebags

Having a headache deciding whether to get a suitable saddle bag for your bike? I’ve gave some clear cut advantage why you should.

Men and Bikes – The Perfect Combination

Have you ever heard a man name his own bike “Suzy”? And seen him caressing her seat, her smooth, cold shining body, letting his fingers trail across the entire surface with deep pride in his eyes?

How Should You Veer Away From Danger While Riding a Bike?

How many times have you crackled the newspaper with your fingers as you busily swerved your eyes from left to right, reading up the last day’s events? And how many times have your eyes dwelled on the news of road accidents where a biker has been seriously injured or even killed? The answer is frighteningly “many times”.

Many Women Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle These Days

Studies show that the number of women who learn to ride a motorcycle is increasing every year. And that the rate of increase is significant. With the number of women motorcycle riders on the rise, the number of women motorcycle clubs are also increasing.

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