Sunset Ride on my Kaabo Mantis Electric Scooter. (Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel, California)

Just thought I’d share this sunset ride with y’all.

I love going on trails on my Kaabo Mantis, Scooter. This thing is so much fun.

It is super fast and tops out at 40 MPH. I got it up to 38MPH in one part.

I had to be slow most of the time. There are posted speed limits on the trails.

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Scaling Slippery Slopes? No Problem!

The biggest challenge and the worst fear for riders of any kind of vehicles – be they cars, motorcycles or trucks is pulling through slippery slopes, which could lead to severe accidents. These kinds of slopes are mainly found on steep mountains, especially during the seasons of March and April, when the snow starts melting, and the pathways on the mountains are extremely slippery.

Do You Really Own Your Harley?

A Harley is not just a bike. It is a treasure to own – a true blue blooded biker’s most prized possession. But if you posses one of these great mechanical miracles – do you really own them? Can you be absolutely sure, that as confidently as you can say “This one Belongs to me”, your wheels will be able to declare you as its owner?

Speak to Nature With Marin Mountain Bikes

Nature has always been the ultimate comfort. She is beautiful, mesmerizing and her wonderful creations makes one forget all his troubles. For generations, mountain biking has been one of the best ways to beat stress. There is nothing than the sweet scent of mountain grass, the thudding of your heart racing in your head, and a rocky mountain to take all your worries away.

Paving the Way With Maxxis ATV Tires

66% of the earth’s crust is covered by water, but the rest of it is land. And the land is not the same everywhere. At some places, it is even, at others, there seem to be bumps in every possible angle. The land terrain also varies in texture – some are covered with bone dry sand, some with dusty mud and rocks, some with snow and some with slushy, messy muck. But humans need to move on all kinds of land in order to survive and prosper.

How to Improve Your Motorcycle’s Start and Warm Up, Idling and Acceleration

After listening to years of customer complaints about their inability to cope with poor Gold Wing performance symptoms and the ruthless exploitation by many repair shops back in the Eighties, we were compelled to study the problem. In 1990, a solution was presented in writing that was handed out to my customers without any obligation on the part of the reader to buy anything.

The Harley Davidson Kingdom & Demand of Its Stickers

Harley Davidson is an American company that was started sometime in the beginning of the 1900s, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was one of the few American companies that managed to survive the Great Depression, and the era of severe competition created when Japanese manufacturers ruled the world markets with their quality control methods.

Avoiding Dangers on Your Motorcycle

Many people dream of riding a motorcycle, and for good reason! The motorcycle is one of the most exciting modes of transportation we have created. That being said, why wouldn’t you want to ride one?

50cc Scooters – Are They As Cool As They Look?

Span around the Internet, and you will find quite a few websites presenting their 50cc scooter models to you. All this hype is justified because these machines are so sleek that you just can’t take your eyes off them. Sleek in design, easy to ride and with all the features (Or at least most of them) present in a 50cc scooter – These scooters seem to be the next age scooters to be hitting in the market in some time from now, in a big way.

Respecting Motorcycles on Roadways and Highways

Millions of Americans own motorcycle and use them as a daily form of transportation. There are a number of reasons why certain individuals choose to operate motorcycles rather than cars include issues with mileage and finances. Perhaps the most common reason motorcycle riders prefer this mode of transportation is the way riding makes them feel.

Basics of Motorcycle Safety

With little protection between the rider and other cars on the road, motorcycle injuries can be devastating or even fatal. Because of this, it is important for cars and bikes to coexist peacefully on the road and practice safe driving behavior at all times.

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