Suburban Raccoon Nearly Ran Over By Electric Scooter Rider | Kaabo Mantis Pro Special Edition POV

These clips were taken from last night’s ride and I’ve been out cruising late evenings/early nights before but there was a situation that I hadn’t encountered until now and it almost caused an accident. If you enjoyed the video be sure to check out my other electric scooter rides!

LED Underglow Night Time Cruising
First Time Getting Lost While Exploring With Electric Scooter
My First Electric Scooter Vlog

Protect Your Skin on Sunny Days While Riding a Motorcycle

Don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun when riding a motorcycle. Learn the easy way to do it.

A Short History of Motorcycles – Harley Davidson and Beyond

Motorcycles; when the subject is brought up the picture that comes to mind is guys in black leather jackets, motorcycle boots, helmets and gloves straddling a big motorized bike. We think of the guys in West Side Story, the Hell’s Angels, and today’s baby boomers riding their new Harleys.

Motocross Gear Assures Style With Safety

For years, you have been planning to purchase different stylish accessories and products of motocross. Though you have planned to purchase motocross accessories for years, you could not become successful to fulfill your dreams for financial reasons.

Motocross Stickers Or Accessories – What You Should Know to Purchase the Best

Since, your childhood you have been very much passionate about bike riding. Whenever you saw an action thriller, you desired to own a magnificent bike like the hero of the show and ride it in whatever style you want.

Top 10 Harley-Davidson Low Cost Father’s Day Gifts

If your dad is a Harley man or a Harley man wanna be, then there are a wide selection of Father’s Day gifts to choose from. For this list we will be eliminating the high end gifts like, Harley-Davidson jackets, Harley-Davidson boots, helmets and of course motorcycles. So if you are shopping for your Harley dad on the cheap here are my top picks.

Custom Chopper Motorcycles – Riding the Dream

There comes a time in everyone’s life when motorcycles become not only interesting but accessible, for me this was aged 15, and at 16 I had my first motorbike. The bike in question was a Suzuki ZR50 which was built like an old school chopper, with the seat, and handlebars to match, despite its blistering 28mph top speed! But unlike my friends who took an interest in the sports style motorcycles, I was hooked on the custom chopper and Harley Davidson scene.

Classic Bike Profiles – The Kawasaki KZ1000

The precursor to the modern super bike. The Kawasaki KZ1000, here is a quick review and some history of the original 1000cc monster that once ruled the streets.

Motorcycle Tours – Planning For the Ride

From that first small stain of oil gracing your garage flooring to the road map heavily marked with arrows, circles, and notes, summer means it’s motorcycle season. It’s time to take that winter overhaul project out of the garage and on to the open road. Whether you prefer short day trips or a meandering ride from state to state, there is something intoxicating about a highway stretched out before you and the wind in your hair.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale For Ownership Transfer

The Motorcycle Bill of Sale is a very important, legally written document for the buyer, to show the transfer of ownership in his name. The agreement also proves that, he is the legal owner and paid certain amount to the owner of Motor Cycle against the cost of the vehicle.

Four Essential Tips For a Motor Bike Rider

A motor bike rider knows the thrill and adventure associated with motocross bike riding. It is this experience that increases your adrenaline rush. Of late, motocross racing has become highly popular among those who love bike racing. If you are a beginner, it is important for you to learn about few motocross racing tips to make your ride as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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