Splach Turbo Deep Dive | Live Show #56

Today we will discuss the new Splach Turbo electric scooter! An Indiegogo-funded Frankenscooter that we found to be an interesting blend of the Titan T variant scooters.

We will also choose the winner from Photo Friday, share Scooter News from around the world, Facebook giveaway, Community Content, and much more are in store for you.

ESG Splach Turbo Review: https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/splach-turbo-scooter-review/

Intro: 15:00
ESG Photo Friday: 19:00
ESG Community Content: 24:50
New Scooters: 35:50
Deal of the Week: 37:15
Deep Dive: 38:00
Micromobility News: 59:18
Facebook Giveaway: 1:04:20

Facebook Giveaway:
Fluidfreeride will be generously giving away a high security folding lock, fingerless gloves and a 1000 lumen bright detachable headlight
Worldwide shipping included
Thank You Julian Fernau from FLUIDFREERIDE.COM

DEAL OF THE WEEK: https://geni.us/XzJmu
Fluidfreeride – Inokim Light 2
US: $999 (currently $200 off)

Coupon Codes/ Deals: https://electric-scooter.guide/deals/electric-scooter-buying-deals/

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– 📤 upload video to: https://www.dropbox.com/request/3X4gNboxakRFtZADEz6Y

📰 NEWS 📰
Brooklyn startup releases Clip: https://rb.gy/136tik
Lime announces Mobility-as-a-Service (Maas) platform: https://rb.gy/pnmajf

Industry News
URBAN MACHINA: https://geni.us/R2f8wG5
-New EVOLV Pro-R
-Restock: EVOLV City Plus, EVOLV Pro/Pro Plus, Inokim OX series
USCOOTERS: https://geni.us/dPuPjZ8
-Updates to Booster V and Booster Plus S
VORO MOTORS: https://geni.us/6qww
-Sneak peek of Kaabo Mantis Pro (special Voro Motors edition)

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The Ride Of Your Life On A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

To some the image of cruising on an open road is never complete unless you are doing it on a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. The brand has become the epitome of cool over the years and no self respecting biker would ever be seen on anything but a Harley. Though the years have brought on changes in technology, the essence and spirit of the original road hog is still intact.

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