Speedway Leger vs Zero 9 Electric Scooter – A Big Guy Review

Speedway Leger vs Zero 9 Electric Scooter Review Comparison

Today we’re going to compare the Zero 9 Electric Scooter with the Speedway Leger Electric Scooter.

A special shout out to Michael my cameraman who always does awesome work filming and riding with me on these review shoots. Sadly he was involved in an odd low speed crash that sadly put him out of action for days. Just an awful crash and I’m so grateful to all those that came to his aid and offered their help. We all looked after him and with the amazing ambulance and hospital services we have here in British Columbia, they looked after him and he’s now recovering at home. Thank you also to Rick for his help in the making of this review 🙂

Also a special thanks to Ride the Glide here in Victoria for lending me the scooters to review and beating the ambulance to the crash site to help out.

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Are You Ready for Premium?

Do you like the way I’ve challenged you’re NEED for a premium helmet right in the title? First things first, ALL HELMETS ARE SAFE as long as they have a DOT sticker. I’ve said it a thousand times, and it still holds true today. By the way, that’s a DOT sticker ONLY helmet.

Motorcyclists Encouraged to Stay Safe This Summer

The city of Long Beach is encouraging motorcycle riders to take extra precautions this summer. Summertime shows an increase in automobile accidents, especially for motorcyclists.

That Guy On The Scooter Is Saving Big Bucks I’d Say

The other day, I was sitting on the patio at Starbucks, and some guy from our golf club drove up on one of those new cool looking mopeds. At first, I thought it was electric because it was very quiet, but it turned out to be gasoline powered, and as I later talked to the gentleman he told me it got 65 miles to the gallon or more depending on how heavy handed he was on the throttle giving it gas as he started and stopped from intersections.

Capture Every Moment As You Ride Your Bike With a Lightweight Video Camera

From this age of Facebook and YouTube grabbing video footage of your cross country ride to share with the world now is a life-style. We all have tried all sorts of video cams including the more compact, though not High def Replay XD and keep coming back to the slightly larger XD1080.

The Optimal Way to Turn Right

I’m usually questioned by drivers coming from all experience levels why it is more difficult to carry out a right-hand U -turn than a left-hand U-turn. Before I answer that question, why don’t we ensure you understand the correct technique of coming up with a U-turn using a side road, that’s usually 24′ wide.

Buyers Expending More on Bikes Says Latest Poll

It will likely be intriguing to find out just how strongly bike dealerships chase our enterprise now that we’re putting out cash from our pockets once again. In line with the latest client satisfaction recent analysis performed by J.D. Power and Associates, we’ve been shelling out extra money on motorcycles, parts, and extras, and also the overall ownership experience has improved from 2010 to 2011.

Motorcycle Drivers Need to Fully Understand: Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints

This could happen: It’s actually a wonderful morning to bike. The atmosphere is cool, the sun is brilliant, plus the road is wide and dry and fresh. It is simply you, some really good friends, plus your motorcycle. Absolute pleasure!

Harley Purchase Tips and Suggestions

Harley from the time company was formed in 20th century has been one of the most popular bikes that we know. These bikes are ideal if you are interested longer rides on heavyweight bikes. Our aim here will be to provide you details about different types of bikes which are available, tips about where these can be purchased and suggestions on things to remain aware of while buying.

How to: Quick Roadside Fix for a Punctured Tire

The motorbike I had been riding not too long ago has a critically worn out front motorcycle tire that was waiting badly about upgrading. That was until the old bike wheel came across a sheet metal screw around the interstate and displaced its shaped body. Fortunately for me (and my friends with pickups) I had a tire repair set inside my tool tote.

Motorcycle Covers: The Right Protection for Your Precious Motorcycle

Motorcycle enthusiasts treat their motorcycle with utmost care and attention. Since motorcycle is their constant companion to enjoy the outdoors, they provide their vehicle with the best protection possible. Like other vehicles, motorcycles have to be kept in a safe place, like a garage, when not in use.

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