Should I buy a Wolf Warrior, Zero 11X, Dualtron Thunder or Emove Cruiser? 4K

I received an awesome email from Perry recently and it was basically a “which electric scooters should I buy” question. Thank you to everyone that leaves a comment, emails me a question and hits that like button…much appreciated 🙂

Here’s the letter he wrote :

Tim, I have really enjoyed and appreciate the videos you place on Youtube regarding electric scooters. I have seen most of them and will continue to watch and have subscribed.

I know you probably get a lot of these types of questions that start with “What is the best” and I admit in this case I am unoriginal. I don’t think my question is original but maybe a little more prescriptive than some. You can be the judge.

The set up; My wife and I have bought a very small camper and are looking for electric scooters that we may take with us on trips. Below are some facts that may be applied if you can advise me.

1. I’m 310lbs (There go a chink of the options)
2. My wife is 130lbs
3. Our needs will be moving through campgrounds, touring urban cities and maybe an occasional commute 5 miles each way. Very little off road but some poor road conditions would be a factor.
4. I would like to keep close the $3,000 is possible but am flexible.

My current thoughts for me are the Wolf Warrior. The Zero 11X looks very similar but more costly. The Dualtron Thunder is cost prohibitive for me. The more difficult problem is finding a matching scooter for my wife because I don’t know how much my weight will affect the speed and battery life in order to pick a scooter for my wife that will be matched. I’d like us both to have similar speed and longevity of ride.

I know the Wolf Warrior is a beast and if I were a smaller person, would be too much scooter for me but am guessing that my body weight will be it’s natural governor. If you know of other weight bearing scooters you want me to look into, please so share.

Lastly, I have a few simple things I have not been able to find an answer to and will ask below:

1. Can you push the scooter? I guess I’m asking if there is a neutral so to speak. If the battery dies or I need to walk it a length of space that is pedestrian only.

2. Is there a common way to lock a scooter? I know even a bike, which is easier to lock is as easy to steal but have not seen any methods for locking scooters so far.

3. Is there a consistent type or port used for charging scooters? I wondered if I could use my camper solar to charge the scooter while traveling.

Thank you very much and I’m sorry for the lengthy email. My wife and I realy do appreciate your advice.

Thank you,

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