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Women Motorcycle Riders – A Growing Segment

Around 20 years ago, women motorcycle riders started to grow into a major segment of total riders. Now we are seeing accessories and bikes specifically tailored to the female rider. We’ll discuss some of the history behind this trend.

History of the Suzuki A100 Motorcycle

The Suzuki A100 was in many ways the typical motorcycle being produced by the Japanese in the last 1960s and early ’70s. It was small, frugal with petrol, and usually quite reliable. The A100 was also a hit with commuters looking for a comfortable, inexpensive ride.

Retracing Old Highways Is A Great Motorcycle Riding Option

Are you looking for a new place to explore as you ride your motorcycle? How about some suggestions including historic highways that have uniquely evolved over the last century in the United States? We have some great options that will satisfy your need for adventure and understanding of our local infrastructure.

History of the Suzuki A50 Motorcycle

The Suzuki A50 (1971 – 76) was a simple idea to create a 49cc clone of their immensely popular A 100 commuter motorcycle. That 100cc bike had proved to be highly popular as a basic, reliable ride around town. Suzuki kept the A 100 frame and specs as they were, only replacing the engine.

About Installing a LED Kit on Your Motorcycle

The LED motorcycle kit is becoming increasingly popular even as more motorbike owners look for new ways of customizing their bikes for both functional and aesthetic appeal purposes. By installing such an LED kit it is possible to totally transform the look of your motorcycle and you are bound to draw lots of stares from admirers. The new look of your bike will definitely work its magic on you as well and you’ll be more eager to head off for the next ride.

Here’s What You Should Know When Selecting a Motorcycle Battery

If your motorcycle battery is more than three years old, you should start considering the purchase of a new one. Here’s info to help you select a battery that best meets your demands and best suits your motorcycle.

Motorbikes – Safety Tips and Gear for Riders

Motorbike riding can be a great recreational activity for anyone who enjoys extreme sports. However, without the right safety regulations and gear in place, it can also be very dangerous. Make sure that you take the time to make your riding experience safe and enjoyable so that you can get the most from it every single time. All riders should be wearing jackets, boots, and helmets that are designed specifically for adventure sport motorbikes to protect themselves from things like falling, road rash, and injuries.

Handmade Parts, No Cookie Cutter Manufacturing

Want to step back in time. Just a small handful of people in the U.S.A. can hand make antique or vintage motorcycle parts correctly to match a ninety year old motorcycle. Skill to do so, is proven from a life time of experience and worldwide recognition making antique or vintage Motorcycle Parts.

Motorcycle Gloves and the Best Years of Our Lives

Come for a ride down memory lane and take a moment to ponder what was important for you and motorcycling on retro bikes we’d kill for! The Bonnie ruled when I bought my BSA 350 single around the late 60s. Couldn’t afford motorcycle gloves then, so my dad being a welder, gave me a pair of welding gloves.

Why Is Protective Motorcycle Clothing So Important?

If motorbikes are your passion in life, you’re bound to want to ride as much as you can, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been biking for many years now. However, it’s important to make sure you have all the protective gear you need each and every time you set out for a trip on the road – even if it’s only a short ride to the local shops.

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