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Gas Vs Electric Mopeds

One of the longest running debates in the technology world is gas versus electric. This carries over to the decision making process of choosing between a gas moped and an electric moped. This debate may continue long into the future as both types have their own significant merits.

Motorcycle Seat Comfort

Whether you have a stock motorcycle seat or a brand new custom motorcycle seat there are 2 things that are foremost in your mind, does it look good and is it comfortable. Depending on your riding style, your age, and the type of motorcycle there’s a lot of variables.

My New Blue Cushman Motor Scooter

Whenever I see one of the new and modern motor scooters traveling briskly along, a brief, sharp pang of emotion traces through my thoughts. A bit of memory causes me to stop for a moment. Although the modern motor scooters are much classier than my first scooter, there is still a connection.

Motorcycle Security

The figure of 35,000 motorcycles and scooters stolen a year in the UK seems quite low when compared with that of cars, which averages a staggering 250,000, however, it actually represents 1 bike in every 40, which is quite simply massive! Many bikes are actually stolen just for the parts. This fact reduces dramatically the number of bikes that are recovered; just 32%, which is less than half that of cars.

Harley Davidson Saddlebags – Add Some “Trunk” Space to Your Motorcycle

Harley Davidson saddlebags are the most popular motorcycle accessory when it comes tot his iconic brand of American machinery. They are the first thing most people buy to customize their bike and come in variety of forms. There are Harley Davidson saddlebags for every taste and need out there.

Staying Warm on Your Motorcycle During Those Cold Rides

The winter for some means putting away the motorcycle so it can be stored until the snow is gone in the spring. Unfortunately for people who live in those types of climates, the riding season is a little shorter than others. Some folks have the privilege of being able to ride year round, which include mainly those that live in the lower states of our country. For those that can ride over the winter months, you may want to review your riding gear to make sure you’ve got enough to keep you warm while you are riding.

Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

Cruiser bikes including Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki Vulcan’s and Honda Shadow’s have the option for installing full system exhaust drag pipes. A part of a full system exhaust drag pipes are essentially open tubes made of steel with a chrome plated finish that help to produce peak horsepower in a very narrow RPM band.

Tips For Cooling Motorcycle Exhausts

Motorcycles are not like cars and while someone can drive a car without knowing much about the engine it is recommended that anyone who owns or rides a motorcycle should have a basic understanding of the engine and how to perform minor and temporary repairs. The simple point behind this is that motorcycle engines will fail and being stuck on the side of the road is never much fun.

Harley Davidson Leather Boots – Safety First People!

Harley Davidson leather boots are more than just the perfect footwear to go with your leather jacket and jeans. A good pair of boots can mean the difference between being comfortable or miserable all day. The worse case scenario is if you’re wearing a cheap pair, or worse yet, no boots at all, then you’re in for a world of hurt.

Motorcycle Exhausts – The Basics

Engines make noise. Even after a century of progress and new technology combustible engines (often found in street motorcycles, racing bikes and cruisers) still use exhausts, exhaust pipes and mufflers (or silencers) to reduce the amount of noise being emitted from an engine as well as to steer the exhaust gas away from the engine.

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