Scooting to Freedom During Coronavirus | Vlog #1

The world has changed over the last couple of weeks and we need to adapt. This video shows how electric scooters can help you by giving you mobility freedom — allowing you to avoid germs in public transportation, gas stations, ubers and taxis.

In this video Chuck is riding the soon to be released Apollo Explore – the first scooter with a 24 month warranty.

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1. TOP 10 ACCESSORIES – 3/3/2020
6. APOLLO EXPLIRE – 3/31/2020
7. INOKIM OX – 4/7/2020

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Top Harley Ride Locations in Australia

Riding a motorcycle can never be completely defined as getting on a motorbike and riding to work, getting something from the grocer or plainly running errands. When you say “to ride” in motorcycling it means that it is a journey to somewhere you have never been to before or if you have, not by riding your motorcycle. The ride will consist of vistas never seen, and travelling a road that is unfamiliar to you and your bike. It is fantastic enough that you are hopping on a Harley Davidson for this ride adventure, the legend of the bike itself is a whole new experience, but to make this unforgettable, it must be topped with a fabulous location.

Harley Rides: 5 Essential Accessories You Need

So you got yourself a Harley Davidson to ride. Maybe for years. Maybe for a weekend. Put on your flip-flops and a tank top and let’s hit the road. Waaaaait a minute…. Flip-flops? Tank top? This might cut on scooter. Barely. Harley Davidson riders know that what you have on is as essential as the bike you are riding. If you are lucky enough to ride the real-deal on 2 wheels, here are some accessories you should consider. Trying to decide how to enjoy you Harley ride can come later.

Get Your Cruiser Bike

If you are searching for motorcycles for sale, first of all you must have some knowledge on the type of bikes. First be clear about the model and the type of bike you wish to choose. Each motorcycle is divided into different categories.

Top 3 Reasons Why One Would Buy Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Leather motorcycle jackets certainly have their benefits, not just for motorcycle riders, but for anyone that enjoys the comfort and stylish look of leather. Here are some of the top reasons why anyone would want to buy leather motorcycle jackets for themselves or for anyone else.

Buying From a Dealer or Private Seller

Maybe you own a motorcycle or maybe you are planning to buy one. If you have enough money in your pockets, you can go for a new one. However, if you don’t have enough money to buy a new one, it’s better to buy a used motorcycle.

10 Harley Davidson Facts You Didn’t Know

You have seen them on the road. You have seen them in stores. You have seen them in the movies. There is nothing like it. They are not even legends anymore. They make legends. The one and only Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Among the legends there are some facts you might not know.

Security of Motorcycles – How to Do It

For every motorcycle rider the pleasure and joy he gets by riding to a destination will be huge. Likewise, that journey can end in tragedy if proper security measures are not taken. That journey will turn out dangerous and it may even lose someone’s life.

The Joy of Motorcycle Country Riding

Motorcycle rides in country areas are some of the most beautiful rides that can be experienced. From the state of Minnesota with the vast wooded areas and lakes, to the mountains in the Black Hills of South Dakota – what sites there are to be experienced, just in those two adjoining states!

Harley Davidson – 7 Reasons Why Riding A Harley Is Awesome

A Harley Davidson is unlike any motorcycle. They are beautiful and everybody wants to own one. There is a reason why these motorcycles are almost like a unicorn-clouded in half-myths and half-truths. However unlike the unicorn, you can always ride a Harley and experience for yourself what is myth and what is not. Most likely, you will find out these 7 truths about why riding a Harley is awesome.

Learn About the Intelligent Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycles vary from shape, model, size, brands and many other factors determine its features. It is classified under the categories of sport bikes, traveling bikes, long terrain bikes and many more. What’s more to say, it has become an essential factor for the youth and the middle aged.

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