Scooter Showdown: Emove Cruiser Vs NanRobot D5+

Today the Emove Cruiser ( and NanRobot D5+ battle for ultimate supremacy. Seven rounds will decide the champion.

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What You Must Know Before Buying Street Legal Electric Scooters

Street legal electric scooters are a convenient way for city dwellers to travel around the metropolis without having to rely on public transportation. However, not all electric scooters available on the market are street-legal, so you should check the vehicle carefully before buying.

What Is Motorcycle Luggage?

The fluid feel of the motorcycle on the road as it glides along. You’ve made preparations for this trip. His only wish is that you had more storage space. Well, want nothing more. There are options.

The Snell Helmet

Motorcycle riders often face the dangers of abnormal traffic accidents. Most of these will end up with serious head injuries and that’s why you always have to don appropriate protective equipment before leaving on a bicycle.

Things to Remember While Using Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are the most important gear for any biker, however to ensure a perfect buy, you have to consider a few tips while choosing motorcycle helmets. Always try on the new helmets before riding on the road to make sure that you are comfortable with the new protective gear. Check out for symmetry and make sure that the helmet rests just above the brows without hampering your vision.

Things to Bear in Mind While Opting For Skid Lids Helmet

Skid lid helmets are available in a wide variety and in various materials that not just protect your head but also will make you a crowd stirrer on the roads. Available in an array of breathtaking designs and colors these could be customised to cater to your personal choices as well.

How to Buy the Right Fitting Motorcycle Helmets?

Though motorcycle helmets are designed to ensure the safety and security of the rider, most of us tend to pick up helmets solely for its style! While purchasing a motorcycle helmet it is very important to check whether it offers a proper fit. Not all helmets are for everyone. There are helmets in various sizes and purposes and only by choosing the right helmet, can you ensure safety. For comfort and safety, choose a helmet that offers a snug fitting.

How to Make the Best Use of Your Helmets?

Though helmets are designed to take on the full impact of the crash and are made with the best materials to ensure a long life, helmets need to be replaced in the following events. If your motorcycle helmet has suffered an impact then it is better to replace the helmet as it could have fractured the outer shell or caused the compression of the impact absorbing liner. Though these changes might not be visible to the naked eye in many cases, the damage could compromise the utility of the helmets considerably.

Maintenance Tips for Helmets

Motorcycle helmets ensure safe and enjoyable riding experience and are the most important safety gears for any biker. However to make sure that helmets retain their functionality, these could be maintained with care. Helmets increase the chances of survival in the event of a crash and so if proper safety measures are not followed; these could not only prove ineffective in saving the lives of the riders but also could prove dangerous.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Skidlid Helmets

Skid lid helmets fondly called the “shortie” or “beanie” helmets are extremely popular among riders for their chic and cool appeal. Ideal for summer riding, these keep the face cool and fresh unlike the fully covered helmets that could leave you sweaty and messy after a ling ride There are many advantages for skid lid elements. These are light weight and leave your face open, which could add up to the riding comfort.

Buying Tips for Motocross Helmets

If you are a racing enthusiast, regular in motocross racing tracks and dirt road rallies, then motocross helmets should be the most important protective gear in your backpack! Apart from ensuring safety and comfort, these are style symbols as well that could earn you a few eyeballs both on and off tracks. Check out these handy buying tips that will help you to zero in on some of the hottest choices of helmets on offer.

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