Scooter Reviews in 1 Min. or Less: Varla Pegasus #Shorts

Electric scooter reviews in one minute or less! #3. Varla Pegasus

Varla Pegasus:
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Motorcycle Burn Hazards

Motorcyclists, or bikers, face many hazards from the road itself as well as from other drivers. These hazards necessitate protective clothing to provide a modicum of protection from the hazards of impact with a car or the ground. One of the biggest hazards of any motorcycle, however, does not come from any outside force but rather from the motorcycle itself.

Picking a Radar Detector For Your Motorcycle

Let’s face it – Radar detectors are useful not just for cars, but also for motorcycles. However, not all radar detectors would be suitable for a motorcycle; you have to know which ones to buy.

Buying a Helmet – Decision 3

Now that we’ve got an idea about how hard of a helmet we’re most comfortable with, and which helmets fit that need, it’s time think about fitting a helmet to a head. How a helmet fits is important for a couple of reasons. Since we’ll likely be wearing it for an hour or more at least occasionally, comfort is important. It’s no fun to have helmet liner scrubbing skin off your forehead while you’re cruising down the road. Also, the protection that a helmet can give your brain is lessened if our head is rattling around inside it.

Max Motorcycle For a Man is Harley Davidson

There is a woman ask me the question, why do man love their motorcycles so much? Many people do not understand why most man gives their bikes such attention.

Tips to Choose a Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

As the main safety aspect is concerned, motorcycle jackets for two genders have very little difference, it would be a prejudiced statement to say that woman ride bikes any slower than man

History of the Old School Kikker Bobber Style Motorcycle

The Bobber motorcycle was the first of all customized motorcycles. Even before the choppers or the big cruisers of today. Service men recently returned from the war wanted bikes like the European ones they had seen during the time at war. These bikes were custom and spoke to the attitudes and self expression of the great courageous men. With the recent surge in popularity of the Bobber Motorcycle.. AKA Old School Hardknock kikker there are many things you may not know about the history of these great bikes.

9 Reasons to Buy a 50cc Scooter and Petrol Scooter

The economy today demands ways to save money on gasoline. There are many ways to curb gas usage and still keep all the convenience. Whether one buys a petrol or electric, 50cc scooters are a good investment.

Motorcycles and Drunk Riding

Drinking alcohol affects your ability to balance, slows your reaction time, and impairs your ability to make quick judgements that would normally be easy when you are sober. While this “buzz” can be fun and is one of the reasons many people like to drink, it can also be detrimental if you decide to drive while intoxicated. Motorcycling is especially dangerous while drunk because it requires even more of an ability to balance and maneuver than does a car.

Biketoberfest Motorcycle Festivals – Daytona Beach Florida

Biketoberfest is one of the best international motorcycle festivals in America today. This annual event may be smaller than some of the other bike rallies, but it still draws a good sized attendance. Most participants consider the less crowded atmosphere and pleasant location to be the festival’s best perks. Biketoberfest 2009 will be held during October from the 15th to the 18th.

The History of Brough Superior Motorcycles

The Superior was the machine of legends. It was an early superbike before the term was coined and was the “Rolls Royce” of the motorcycle world. Much of the legend came from performance by specific men and machines and from the showstoppers that George produced year after year for Olympia and Earls Court.

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