Scooter Reviews in 1 Min. or Less: Kaabo Mantis 8 #Shorts

Electric scooter reviews in one minute or less! #1. Kaabo Mantis 8

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50cc Pocket Bikes – What You Need to Know Before Buying

If you are planning on buying a new 50cc pocket bike, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for, and the right questions to ask before you visit a store, or even before you buy online if that is your preferred method. Not paying attention to the specific characteristics, or not asking the right questions can result in you buying a 50cc pocket bike that you really do not want, or worse, can not be used.

Motorbike Jackets – Textile Or Leather?

When looking for a motorbike jacket there are numerous points to take into consideration to ensure you get the jacket that will best perform the tasks that you require. The choice comes down to two main categories textile or leather?

Protect Your Noggin With Harley Davidson Motorcycle Helmets

Harley Davidson helmets are high quality, reasonably priced pieces of riding gear. Protect your grey matter by picking one up!

A Shopper’s Guide to Online Motorcycle Gear

When my recently retired father returned home riding his first Harley Davidson, we all put our faces in our hands, sure he was going through a belated mid-life crisis. Since that day, I have become acquainted with the world of motorcycles and have come to realize that it wasn’t mid-life crisis as much as it was a mid-life picker upper.

Scooters Vs Mopeds

Both mopeds and scooters are becoming increasingly popular as gas prices rise as well as environmental concerns come to light. While most people may not realize it, mopeds and scooters are generally not synonyms for each other. Although both are somewhat nontraditional methods of transportation, scooters and mopeds are different classifications of personalized motor vehicles.

Motorcycle and the Military

The motorcycle was derived from the bicycle. It has been part of the military for close to a hundred years. The United States Army introduced it in 1913 and the First World War saw extensive usage of the motorcycle. The Second World War gave greater impetus to its use. The Germans in particular used the motorcycle with a side car and mounted machine gun to terrorize the people of occupied Europe.

The Zen of Custom Motorcycles

Any motorcycle dealer cringes at the very thought of it: custom motorcycles. Harley dealers have no problem with you adding some ape hangers or custom rims to your hog but don’t dare let them know that you were considering anything more than that. Such people despise the idea of custom choppers because it forces them to admit one very important but real fact: the designers at all of the big name manufacturers like Honda, Kowasaki, and Harley Davidson seem to lack the imagination of people like Jesse James and the boys at Orange County Choppers.

Motorbike Helmet Laws, Human Behaviour & The Organ Donor Effect

Should the use of motorcycle crash helmets be compulsory? When considering the use of crash helmets should we consider the Organ Donor Effect, or is it irrelevant? This article looks at these questions and also the human element, why do some people so strongly believe in not wearing helmets? Is it media driven with television programs like Orange County Choppers who always test their bikes without helmets? Or do motorcycle crash helmets really reduce the joy that is derived from riding?

Answer the Call of the Open Road With Harley Davidson Motorcycle Accessories

The American identity is intertwined with several iconic brands. When you ask people from other countries to describe us they will always bring up Coke-a-Cola, Levis, rock n roll and so on. One brand that is uniquely American is Harley Davidson. Harley motorcycles and are known through out the world as symbols of American manufacturing quality.

The Rise of the Scooter

For the past several decades, the moped had been a preferred transportation option in Australia. Since the turn of the century, however, the scooter has far surpassed the motor-pedalled bike in popularity. In fact, the scooter is now synonymous with Australian culture.

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