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1. Zero 9 – 2/4/2020 –
3. GoTrax XR Ultra: 2/11/2020 –
Other scooters we are working on: Zero 8 ( , Kaabo Mantis Pro/Base (, Etow GT (

Micromobility America
– April 22-23 in Richmond, CA:

Techcrunch Mobility
– May 14 in San Jose:

* Kaabo Mantis:
– For the base model use code: electric-scooter.guide4mantis to take $150 off, for the Pro model, use ESG4MANTISPPRO250 to take $250 off.
* For the 🐺 Wolf Warrior use coupon code: ESG4WOLFINMARCH700 to get $700 off your preorder of the Wolf Warrior:

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Auction of Stolen Goods

In all states, there are special arrangements for keeping stolen things. They may be kept by the police department or under the court. Usually the verification departments are specialized in organizations with special power of the court.

Advertising and Motorcycle Sales

If you want to sell your old motorcycle and to buy a new one there are many sources that could help you to do it. You can make the essential steps for selling your old motorcycle and don’t bother about the remaining part. It will come up to you in the matter of time. This article will help you to dislodge the frustrations and hassle on an old motorcycle for sale.

Learn About Impounded Motorcycles

If you want to buy an affordable motorcycle, then you can opt for impounded motorcycles. You may be wondering that some people are looking for impounded motorcycles. Then this is the reason for lots of people buying impounded motor vehicles so that they own their own vehicles.

Best Motorcycle

Everyone wants the best in life. Everyone uses the word best, it means choosing the correct one that is perfect for you. This is for those people who want to buy the Best Motorcycle.

Motor Scooter Reviews – A Wide Range Of Brands

Back in the old days when motor scooters were not widely available, owning one was always a problem when it came to the availability of spares. Although scooters were available from foreign countries, the parts were not that easily available which made it difficult to own scooters.

Motorcycle Lights That May Save Us

Do you ride a motorcycle or does someone you love ride one? Then this is an article you need to read because there is a way to help them be a bit safer on the roads.

Harley Fever

So, the other day I decided that enough was enough and I took off for a ride to escape the reality of a stress plagued week. In the hospitality business it is an endless and sometimes mindless routine of wiping guests’ noses because they can’t find instructions on the tissue box.

Motorcycle Boots, Much More Than Style

Working from the ground up, the proper gear starts with the right footwear. Motorcycle boots are not simply a statement of style but a key piece of protective gear. Boots protect the rider from painful exhaust burns, from flying gravel and in the event of a crash road rash and broken ankles.

Is a Motor Scooter Dealer Telling You Scooters Are a Green Alternative?

Motor scooters have a lot of advantages, especially in cites, but are they the green alternative dealers sometimes claim they are? Are you really doing the planet a favor if you get one?

Yamaha Bikes and Hero Honda Bikes

Bike riding are the latest craze, mainly among the youth. Riding on the bikes are the symbol of style, freedom and mobility. When you drive the bikes it gives you the different feeling on the roads. Most of the people prefer the two wheelers especially in metro cities due to their small and manageable size, low maintenance and pricing. There are many bike brands available in the market.

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