Scooter Hunters: Cross-Country Rider Finds the Perfect Scooter to Ride from SF to LA

Scooters Hunters is a new show that takes you behind the scenes while a prospective scooter buyer tries out three scooters and finds out what’s right for them

Alex Simon has ridden some of the fastest electric scooters in the world on a cross-country mission in honor of his father and to promote micro-mobility — and he contacted Scooter Hunters to help him pick a new machine for his next adventure: riding a scooter from S.F to L.A

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Used Harley Parts Are a Great Way to Save Money

Used Harley parts are much cheaper than buying a brand new part. If you bought a used classic frame, you could rebuild the bike into practically brand-new with a bunch of used Harley parts.

The Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and Safety Precautions

There are countless jokes made on the part of motorcyclists and the incredible risk that goes into riding a bike. Most people have at least heard the made up term “donor cycle” relating to the extreme death risk of death for young motorcycle riders who are ripe for organ donation. But as dangerous and ill advised as riding a motorcycle maybe, the death of another human being is no laughing matter and discussion concerning the reduction of death rates among cyclists is needed dearly.

Harley Davidson Seats Review

When you’re cruising across a hundred miles of desert, fields or the mountains, you will need Harley Davidson seats that provide superior cushioning for your comfort. The Hitchhiker model seat is made comfortable for and provide seating for up to two people. They usually cost around $300-400.

Motorcycle Mayhem – Danger on Wheels

When making the decision to ride a motorcycle instead of driving a passenger car or truck, a motorcyclist must consider whether he or she is willing to accept the significantly increased degree of risk associated with motorcycle travel. Because of this, most bikers are exceptionally cautions while they are riding and many enroll in supplementary training courses to prepare themselves for the demands of highway traffic. This is not enough, however, to protect a motorcyclist from the negligence of other motorists, manufacturers, municipal agencies, and other entities that influence conditions on the road.

Biker Lifestyle – Building the Perfect Custom Harley Chopper

If you ride to live, then you know what it means to own a custom Harley chopper, and I am not talking about some add-on chrome bike either – anyone with some cash can drop by your local Harley Davidson dealer and ride away on a new Road King, or other of their other factory models. A real custom Harley chopper is a one of kind custom built masterpiece that is created from the ground up, a 100% all original work of American beauty that reflects the personality and lifestyle of the proud owner.

3 Tips For Passing a Motorcycle License Test

If you are planning on taking a motorcycle license test, it can be assumed that you have obtained your regular drivers license before as well. In this case, the entire process is pretty similar, but the stakes are much higher. Because it is much easier to hurt yourself on a motorcycle, it is even more important that you take the time necessary to familiarize yourself with all of the rules of the road.

Comparing the Suzuki GSX-R1000 and the Yamaha YZF-R1

The purchase of a motorbike can be a time consuming and very involved process. One of the main reasons that this is true is because of the high number of manufacturers that all promise to have the best available bike on the market for your purchase. Two of the top manufacturers in the industry today for producing motorbikes are Yamaha and Suzuki. Both of these companies produce dependable, high quality motorcycles and motorbikes that have gained the interest of enthusiasts around the world for many years.

How to Buy Used Harley Parts Off of eBay

Want to buy parts for your Harley Hawg off of eBay? You can get some amazing bargains there, but you can also be ripped off. Here’s a few tips on how to do it and what to watch for before your bid on used Harley parts.

FMF Fatty Pipe Review

I tested the FMF gold series fatty pipe on a 2001 Yamaha yz125 and I will say that it is a great addition for pretty much any bike. If you want a little more power with just one bolt-on part then here is a great opportunity.

FMF SST Pipe Review

I tested the FMF Gold Series SST pipe on a 2003 Yamaha yz125 and it is a great pipe for riders who want smoother power. The power-band got a healthy increase of horsepower and was broadened; resulting in less of a ‘hit’.

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