Scooter Chat #20 – WideWheel Pro w/ CEO Fluid Freeride + Your Questions

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We are featuring the WideWheel Pro on our 20th episode of Scooter Chat Live. The Pro is just coming to North America and we’ve got one of the first models.

Besides going over the scooter, we also have an interview with Julian, the CEO of Fluid Freeride. Julian is also logging in via live chat to help answer your questions.

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What Is an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters or electric bikes are vehicles that use electric motors for movement. The source of power here is a battery actually. As it runs on electric power, they do not emit any exhaust gases so that makes it friendly to our beloved environment.

Safety Aspects of Electric Mopeds

The very first question or argument which comes in mind when we talk about electric scooters and electric bikes is about safety. If any of you have noticed, the weight of an electric bike is less as compared to other conventional vehicle options. Also, most of the electric bike models are sleek and slim in looks. The reason being, an electric scooter has less wiring and components as compared to your regular two-wheeler running on petrol or a diesel source which have a complex mechanism.

How Are Orders Processed While Buying Electric Mopeds and Bikes Online?

For most of us, the flow of buying a product online is simple- we pay the money and the product (electric bike in the context) is shipped to our place. Once you are aware of the scope of internet while buying electric bikes, the next step is to understand how actually the order gets processed. If you know the process, you are better placed than people who blinding pay online and keep waiting. On a lighter note, you will also get away with your anxiety about your ordered vehicle.

Do We Really Choose Electric Mopeds Only for the Environment?

It is not that people would take such eco-friendly measures only for the sake of our mother earth or for that matter to conserve energy in these times of energy deficit. The functioning of a human mind is such that most of them would only do something for the environment if and only if they have at least a fraction of profit running for them,’ goes a nice old saying.

Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes – A Journey

There is something special about electric mopeds and gas scooters that does make all of us notice them. It is a well known fact that electric scooters stand out amongst their conventional cousins in any parking lot. The best part is that electric bikes are getting popular in all parts of the globe irrespective of the financial position of a country (electric bikes are popular in developed countries as well as countries which are still developing).

Taking Loans For Buying A New Motorcycle

Finance is one important problem that pulls back each of us from purchasing something. Many of us could not buy a motorcycle because of this reason. However, some of us are not aware about the loan facilities available for buying one.

Securing Your Motorcycle

Well, everyone of us loves to have a motor bike. The charm and look of a motorcycle when you pass through streets is enchanting. It is affordable to everyone and hence all of us want to have one.

Motorcycles – The Undying Machines

Although the worst financial crisis ever to hit in modern times is cringing away, the industries have suffered a lot even in its aftermath. The motorcycle producers are not exceptions. The current year saw a drop of 14.

How to Make Your Ride Economical

For those who hate carpooling and are looking for the most economical possibilities, a motorcycle is the best option. Bikes are of countless types and many among these are quite cheap.

Mahindra Mojo Review

After lots of bikes, lots of bikes and more bikes, a 300 cc bike finally rolls out in India: a miniature two-seater supercar from a totally unexpected company. With a totally cool design and probable amazing performance, we have here a genuinely fantastic bike.

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