Scooter Chat #19 – TurboWheel Swift & w/ CEO eWheels + Your Questions

The TurboWheel Swift, which we are dubbing as the Honda Civic of Electric Scooters has 500 watts of power, nearly 20 miles of tested range, and dual drum brakes for great stopping power – plus some extra features eWheels has thrown into the mix. Check it out here:

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Hero Honda Hunk 150cc Bike

Bikers in India love to see more drama, action and power on road. Hero Honda, a reputed automobile manufacturing company of India, has introduced a muscular bike for the adventurous bikers of India. The Hero Honda Hunk is a muscular bike which is kind of irresistible for whoever looks at it.

Yamaha R-Series Yamaha R15 Bike

Yamaha, one of the leading companies manufacturing bikes for Indian roads, once again proved its mantle by launching its much speculated bike Yamaha R15. This Yamaha bike is designed contemporarily and carries the features of YZF-R series. This bike became an instant hit on roads and among the bikers due to its outstanding performance and looks.

Honda Activa With Automatic Gears

India now has a great looking scooter that has gained popularity right after the launch in the country. With great record sales the company gives stiff competition to its counterpart. You will find the vehicle has undergone some great new looks and also some changes in the styling too.

“I Want to Save Gas, I Want to Buy a Moped” She Said and She Eventually Did

If you are like most of us, you are tired of America’s dependency on foreign oil, and I bet you’d like to figure out a way to save some money on gas. Not long ago, I was discussing this with a friend of mine, and she said she wanted to buy a moped. She asked me how to go about that.

Steps for Motorcycle Protection

If you are considering purchasing or learning how to operate a motorcycle, and especially if you are already the proud owner of a motorcycle, it is important that you recognize the presence of elements that can be harmful to your investment. By recognizing what elements are likely to cause vehicular harm to your bike, and by following a few simple steps, you are better able to protect your motorcycle.

Motorcycles and the Hurt Report

Motorcycle accidents occur as the result of a number of different vehicles. Because of a motorcycle rider’s exposure, even a seemingly minor accident can cause a great deal of damage, both to the rider or riders and to the expensive equipment involved. Prof. Harry Hurt is responsible for a landmark study on the nature of motorcycle accidents. Though the results of this extensive research were published in 1981, most research performed since confirms that the majority of the Hurt Report, as it is commonly referred to as, is still relevant to the nature of motorcycle accidents that occur today.

Things To Remember When Buying A Used Motorcycle

When it comes to buying a used motorcycle you have a ton of options as far as where to find them goes. Traditionally when you wanted to buy a used motorcycle you would head down to your local dealership and choose from the selection they had. You might also look through the paper to see if you could find any there. These two options are no longer your only options.

The Basics on Tie Down Straps and Motorcycles

Different tie down straps have different purposes for different vehicles. For the basics on motorcycle straps, you only need a little bit of common sense.

Some Tips to Buy New Bikes

One of the most efficient and convenient means of transport is motor cycles. Some may look for motorcycles for sale to impress their girl friends and some to get rid of traffic and get somewhere without getting late. There are some factors that lead to people to search for motorcycles for sale.

A Guide To Buying Motorcycle Accessories For Women

For those of you who are lovers of the motorcycle, adding new things to make it look good will be nothing new to you, but for those who are new to the bike world, there are many motorcycle accessories that you can chose from. This article will go in detail, of some of the items that you may need.

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