Scooter Chat #17 – Ninebot Max + Your Questions

The Ninebot Max is the spiritual successor to the Xioami M365 Pro, was built for the sharing market and now sells in the personal market. It has some novel features that we haven’t seen before including an internal power brick so you don’t have to carry yours around.

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Motorcycle Movie Mania

Motorcycles have long been a part of movie history, ranging from Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper biking across the country to Marlon Brando and his bunch wreaking havoc upon small town America. These were great scenes indeed but which ones have stood out as the most famous?

Where To Get Info On Biking

New bikers encompass a cross section of society. There are young people that love the adrenalin rush of riding, executives that ride to work and back, then on the weekends as a way to let go of the office life, as well as older couples that are choosing motorcycles as a way to economically enjoy their retirement.

Motorcycles Through the Ages – A Brief History

The first thought of a motorcycle started out as a bicycle, and it came from Michelangelo in the fourteenth century. The great thing about Michelangelo is that he is a great artist. His inventions started in his head and then went onto paper, the first bicycle was drawn onto paper by Michelangelo. His drawing of a bicycle only consisted of a body, wheels, pedals, and a chain. That was it. No handle bars or steering column, but that was all that was needed to get the minds of other inventors churning, which happened in 1791 with Comte de Sirvac.

Beginner Motorcycles – A Review of the Honda Rebel

You have decided that you want to buy your first motorcycle and you want to have a quality bike that easy to learn on. The Honda Rebel CMX250 is a good choice in a beginner motorcycle. Honda has been making this bike, almost unchanged for over 25 years.

Get Used Motorbikes Through Online Classifieds

The best deals regarding second-hand bikes can generally be found through online classifieds. When searching through motorcycle classifieds, do not limit yourself to just one.

Motorbikes – Here’s How to Get Started

This article serves as a starting point for motorbike enthusiasts who are only just setting out. It advises on a few key issues that should be considered on any given day they are out on their motorbikes.

Why Would You Get Harley Davidson Stickers?

Harley Davidson is one brand famous for their motorbike and accessories. One of their most sought after item is their Harley Davidson stickers. As such, here are the reasons why many are in fact interested in getting one.

Motorcycle Riding – Best Braking Practices

Several things affect your bikes braking ability, as well as your ability to avoid skidding or being tossed off your bike like a slingshot pellet: weight distribution, road surface conditions, braking system type, tire condition, suspension, and most of all, rider skill. First, let’s consider what enables you to change anything about the speed and direction of your ‘object in motion’ – two small patches of tire and road surface rubbing together.

The History of Scooters and Motorcycles

It is said that the first scooter appeared in 1945, but it also well-known that Georges Gauthier presented a special motorcycle in 1902. This Frenchman presented a motorcycle which had very narrow wheels and which also has an open frame. This motorcycle also had a protection device, which made it very similar to the scooters we know today. This motorcycle was manufactured until 1914.

The History of Gilera Motorcycles

The history of Gilera starts in the first decade of the twentieth century, the first motorcycle which has this name being the VT317. This motorcycle was built by Giuseppe Gilera. After the First World War, Gilera manufactures a five hundred-cylinder motorcycle with lateral valves.

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