Roaring Beast Scooter, The Currus Panther First Look | Electric Scooter Guide

Roaring Beast Scooter, The Currus Panther First Look | Electric Scooter Guide

Check out our first look of the beast scooter, the Currus Panther.
Here’s the full review:

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Improve Fuel Efficiency and Save on Fuel Costs by Switching to a Moped

Driving a car is expensive. In addition to the cost of petrol and regular maintenance, there’s also the cost of insurance. Commuting with a moped instead of a car could save you money. Mopeds typically go further per litre of petrol than a car, and moped insurance is considerably less expensive.

Bell, the Helmet Brand That Save Lives

The name Bell has been synonymous with motorcycle helmets since they developed their first prototype over 50 years ago. The company was brought into the spotlight in 1955, when a driver slammed into the retaining wall while racing in the Indianapolis 500. Cal Niday fractured his skull but his Bell helmet saved his life.

Kinetic Sym Flyte

Heart on race, wheel on fire. At the heart of stylish and modern looking Kinetic Sym Flyte lies a powerful 125 cc engine that generates 8 bhp of refined output! Boasting host of innovative and international quality features Kinetic SYM Flyte is all set to pose a tough challenge to other players of the field.

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Cleaning Your Motorcycle The Right Way

Walking across a showroom floor will only show the nicest of bikes which basically scream “take me” from how clean and smooth they look. Do you still remember what your motorcycle looked like after you first purchased it?

Clear Bra Kits for Motorcycles Protect the Paint

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The company HRD takes its name from the initials of its founder Howard Davies. Howard was a very successful and famous rider long before he started making motorcycles in 1924. He rode a Sunbeam to joint second place in the 1914 Senior TT, After the Great War (during which we was shot down and mistakenly reported as being killed) Howard returned to racing in the early 1920’s when he had some success riding for the AJS team.

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