Riding an Electric Scooter 4,000 Miles Across America (Documentary) | Trailer

4,000 miles. 10 states. 18.6 MPH. This is the Scooter Crossing.

We trekked the first-ever cross-country road trip on an electric scooter and documented everything that happened along the way.

We couldn’t be prouder to partner with Electric Scooter Guide to release our feature film, premiering April 6th. Electric Scooter Guide is the premier source of information for all things electric scooters, and they are the perfect home for the documentary! We put a lot of time, effort, and scooting into this movie and we are so excited to share it with you!

We also completed this trip in an effort to raise COVID relief funds for William Lawrence Camp in New Hampshire, so please consider donating below!

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Trailer music by:
Texoma (Chapel Hill, NC)
Stranded Bandits (Raleigh, NC)

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The History of the Suzuki GT200

The Suzuki GT200 was part of the range of Suzuki GT models introduced in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It was also known as the Suzuki 200 X5 and was first released in 1980. This bike is considered an all round bike that is capable of both anything on and off road.

The Anatomy Of A Boys Motorcycle Jacket

There comes a time when our kids get to the point that they may want to ride with us and we may choose to share this experience with them. Today there are sites online that sell kids protective riding gear, such as a boys motorcycle jacket. We are not talking about cheaply made imitation jackets but the real thing. So what is it that makes a quality boys motorcycle jacket?

A Boys Motorcycle Jacket Is Both Cool And Protective

A boys motorcycle jacket is not just cool looking it also provides added protection while wearing it. Think back about memories of growing up and all of the scraps and scratches along the way.

A Boys Motorcycle Jacket Is A Good Investment

One of the ways to create lasting memories is to take the kids along on motorcycle road trips when they are big enough to sit behind us on the passenger seat of our motorcycle and reach the foot pegs. Everyone deserves to ride safe which is why buying a boys motorcycle jacket is a great idea. These are really a good investment for many reasons…

History of the Suzuki GT185

Suzuki first launched its GT185 model in Europe and America early 1973. Japan didn’t receive the model until one year later in 1974. This model was also known as the Adventure and was first released with a twin-leading brake in the front wheel.

Razor MX500 – A Powerful Miniature Motocross Bike

For those who dream of having great miniature motocross bike, this Razor MX500 will be a great choice. Razor is known as one of the best companies when it comes to electric scooters, electric powered ride on toys, or kick scooters. Razor is quite popular brand when you want to buy electric scooters for your kids. When it comes to buying a miniature motocross bike, there are some choices available out there. Giving a miniature bike for your kids will make them feel happy everything for your boys. One that can be a good choice is to choose this Razor MX500.

7 Tips To Consider When Buying Custom Motorcycle Wheels

Choosing custom wheels for your motorcycle is important. They can change the ride as well as improve the look of your bike. Who doesn’t like to see heads turn when you ride by?

How To Choose Good Motorcycle Fairings

Most people do not know how to choose motorcycle fairings. You must select the proper fairing for the bike and consider factors of riding, and aeroydynamacy when choosing.

Smooth Motorbike Gear Changing

A text book gear change should be smooth, so smooth in fact that if you had a pillion on the back they wouldn’t even realise you’d changed gear, this takes a lot of practice and you will have to adjust how you handle the clutch differently from bike to bike. The keys aspects to getting a smooth gear change right, are good clutch control and being in the right gear to start with. Many riders will often believe they are changing smoothly when in fact as they are supporting themselves with the handlebars and don’t feel the jolt, carrying…

What Makes Motorcycle Fairings?

Motorcyclists, for a multitude of reasons, have used fairings for quite some time. Some have used them to improve aerodynamic wind resistance and others to improve performance. As these resources develop, fairings have become even more effective in reducing the effect of weather on the ride of a motorcycle.

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