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Why Bother With Safety Goggles?

They not only offer protection to your eyes from dust, dirt, bugs and sharp objects from entering your eyes, but offer comfort as well. Who wants to ride their motorcycle not being able to see from all of the dust and dirt that the wind is blowing in their face? Although you can purchase helmets that include protective shields for the eyes, there are also several versions that offer no protection in this area.

Guide to Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet – Key Terms Explained

Choosing your next motorcycle helmet can be a difficult choice if you consider the impressive range of helmet models that are available on today’s market. A quick search on the internet can yield hundreds of different styles and can result in information overload.

Motorcycle Helmets – Protect Yourself in Style

Helmets are actually a lot more hip than you think, though. The thing that may feel constraining to most actually can save your life. Wearing a motorcycle helmet may not always prevent serious injury or death should unfortunate accidents occur, but being safe and putting a helmet on greatly decreases your chances of becoming another statistic.

Things You Need to Know About Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

Did you know that you could purchase motorcycle goggles and have your prescription put in? We will take a look at different lenses you can have put in and prescription sun-glass options.

Discount Motorcycle Parts – Learn How to Save Up to Cost on Motorcycle Parts

Motorbike components are normally sold at an expensive rate. However there are still numerous riders that are serious about enhancing their motorbikes. Motorcycle components are designed to improve the performance of an engine or the bike itself.

Riding in Style With the Best of Biker Patches

It is usually believed that bikers and those in biker gangs are simply ruffians or bad to the bone men who have little or no reason behind their loud tattoos, often vulgar stickers, and multiple gaudy patches. However, you will look for a culture that runs deep with feeling, passion and brotherhood if you look closer and without prejudice.

2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

The 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide motorcycle is like a car with only 2 wheels. The touring chassis makes the 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic heavier than most bikes. There is less room to maneuver and its much slower than the loner bikes or street Harleys. The bike has a radio with MP3/CD player, jeez!

Harley Davidson Night Train

A Harley Davidson night train Softail is a modern ride that is smooth, low slung and clean. The Softail Custom bike looks a little like a chopper and it comfortably seats up to 2.

Harley Davidson Models

Signify your loyalty to Harley Davidson by having an assortment of Harley Davidson models around your house. No, I do not mean have a bunch of pretty women walking around your house with a thong or bikini on. What I mean is take a look at the Harley Davidson models of the Road King; Hand crafted Swietenia Mahogany is double lacquered. It is found on the Amazon site and it is a sweet piece of a classic motorcycle that priced 100 dollars.

A Motorcycle Garage Mat Definitely Protects Your Investment

The lure of the open road and the sense of freedom that you get often convinces us to buy a bike to take us to work, or out on those enjoyable weekend excursions. There is nothing like the freedom that we get from riding on two wheels, rather than being stuck in a typical traffic jam in your car. Many of us opt for both forms of transportation, for flexibility and sometimes, just to get away from it all at the weekend.

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