Ride + Glide Team Rider Series – Onewheel – LukeOW

The first in our team rider series looks at Luke Whatley-Bigg on the Onewheel. Luke is freelance filmmaker/trick rider that has worked with us the last few years, consistently producing fantastic cinematography and all whilst riding a Onewheel!

Check out his channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwkuTft1-Rc-7IBM3zAkrvA/about

Interested in purchasing a Onewheel – https://www.rideandglide.co.uk/buy/electric-skateboards/onewheel-electric-skateboards/?utm_source=Youtube+Luke+Team+Rider+&utm_campaign=Onewheel+team+rider+&utm_id=Onewheel+team+rider

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📽️ https://www.lukewhatley-bigg.com/
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Preparing Your Motorcycle For the Winter

A great number of motorcycle riders live in very cold climates of the winter season in the US. Those of us who do not ride much, if at all, in the winter need to prepare our motorcycles by winterizing them. Here are some things you may want to consider doing to properly winterize your motorcycle and ensure that it starts up in the spring time.

What Tire Fits Best to Your Motorcycle?

When you own a motorcycle you probably know that the tires are probably the most important parts of the motorcycle. Their durability depends greatly on the maintenance you give to it and this reflects to the performance of your bike. A very important factor when you own a motor bike is considering which type of tire fits you best.

Motorcycle Helmets – How Do They Protect You?

There are basically four elements that combine together working to provide the protection that is needed for cyclists on the fast moving frantic roads of today. Let’s explore these further. A look at what really makes your helmet a brilliant piece of protective engineering.

Harley Davidson Decals – Let the World Know You Love Your Harley!

Harley Davidson is one of most recognizable brand around the world. You ask anyone around the world about America and I guarantee McDonald’s, Coke-a-Cola and Harley Davidson will be mentioned. Harley is so well known that the company even tried to trademark the unmistakable sound of the engine!

Paris Is Scrapping 2,500 Car Parking Spaces For Motorcycles – Will Other Cities Follow Suit?

We have recently been notified of the local Mayor’s decision to scrap 2,500 car parking spaces to respond to the ever increasing demand for motorcycle parking in the French capital. A total of 18,000 brand new parking spaces for motorbikes and scooters will be created in Paris by 2014, and to help achieve this exemplary initiative, 2,500 spaces, currently dedicated to car parking, will be converted into parking spots for bikes.

Motorcycles Save Lives – The Role of the Emergency Motorbike

While much has been written and is universally understood about the dangers of motorcycles, this sometimes over shadows the fact that they are a wonderful, green, effective method of transport when ridden and used responsibly. For a start, they use so much less fuel. A motorcycle carries one person and can potentially carry two. Whereas a car is most often driven and used by one person, when it can actually carry and uses the same fuel for 4 people.

Cool Harley Davidson Gear For the Bike and You

Harley Davidson motorcycles are perhaps the most recognizable motorcycles (by sight or by sound) on the roads in North America today. They’ve been around for well over a hundred years and have a reputation for their heavy weight chopper-style motorcycles and the rumble they create as they pass by. Since they’ve been around the Harley Davidson brand has come to stand for quality, toughness and freedom.

How to Buy a Used Bike?

You’ve always dreamt about owning that bike, but you’ve always fallen short of cash. Someone may wish to sell just the bike that you badly want at a giveaway price.

Harley Davidson Patch – Add Your Personal Touch to Your Riding Gear

The perfect Harley Davidson patch can change the whole look of your outfit. Check out all the great patches HD has to offer!

Is Your Motorcycle Fully Protected?

Is your motorcycle fully protected? Are you sure? OK. Are you REALLY sure?

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