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Compare Lightweight Tents For Use on Motorbike Holiday

Heading off camping for the first time on the motorbike and wondering which tent to buy? I’m sure there’s lots of you out there in this predicament at this time of year so hope you find the information below useful.

That Dead Motorcyclist is Your Fault

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) 5,154 people died in a motorcycle accidents. How many of those accidents could have been prevented if a motor vehicle driver would have properly checked the space around them?

Road Safety – A Matter of Common Sense

One hotly discussed subject amongst bikers everywhere at just about any time is “It’s not if you’re gonna go down, it’s when.” Our rides can be a whole lot safer if we just think a bit.

Street Legal Scooters

The unstable price of gasoline has caused many consumers to look for more cost effective modes of transportation. No longer beguiled by large mini vans or SUVs, they have turned to an unlikely alternative. The motor scooter has long been seen as a device utilized by penurious college students or restaurant delivery boys.

How to Plastic Repair a Motorcycle Rear Fender

Using a mini-weld model 6 airless plastic welder. Cost to replace fender-$75.14 + S/H $8.94= $84.

7 Tips For Night Riding

Riding at night is one of my favorite times, but it is also one of the most dangerous times to be on your motorcycle. Here are 7 ways to keep safe while riding your motorcycle at night.

A Review of Ducati 1098 Carbon Fiber Termignoni Exhaust Silencers – Money Well Spent?

One of the first changes that a lot of Ducati owners make to their bikes after being run is to change the stock exhaust silencers for less restrictive aftermarket ones. This has the twofold effect of making the bike louder and also releasing a few extra straining ponies. (As if a 1098 really needed it!) Oh, and they look great as well!

Launch of TVS Apache 180 RTR

Premium bike segment in India awaits its newest entry in the form of the TVS Apache 180 RTR Menace. Hosur based TVS Motor Company will soon launch the much awaited 180 cc feature rich premium bike nicknamed the ‘Menace’.

Motorcycle Touring – Become a World Traveler Without Leaving the United States

The idea of foreign travel is fascinating, but in this brief look around the United States we see towns with mystery and charm which compare with any overseas. You can experience every cuisine, climate, culture and type of geography on earth without leaving the United States.

Purchase Your Caberg Helmets Online to Look the Part This Summer

With summer looming many people are diving into the hobbies they adore. One favourite past time for many people is getting on the open road and driving on their beloved motorbikes.

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