Record breaking NAMI BURN-E Viper vs. 60 mph Wolf King!!! Best scooter of 2021? Full Review

This is the Nami Burn-E Viper (, tune in to learn about it’s record breaking performance and the the various aspects that makes the Nami Burn-E Viper, an innovative great new scooter.

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Helmets – Historical Overview

This article focuses on the brief history of helmets and their origin. I think it is very important to know about the historical facts associated with essential items that we are using daily. Most of us are totally unaware about all the facts linked with precious commodities and accessories. So, if you also use helmets while biking then you should read this article.

Cheap Electric Scooters Don’t Have to Be “Cheap”

I needed a way to get around my college campus, so I decided to look at cheap electric scooters. I had not been around ANY type of scooter for years, so I didn’t know what they cost, or what kind of features they had. I must say that after I shopped around awhile, I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are, and how many cool features they have.

Exploring the Different Motorcycle Half Helmet Styles

Have you been thinking about buying a motorcycle half helmet for the upcoming riding season, but are not sure exactly which one you should buy, or what is available when it comes to these types of helmets? You’ll be happy to know that there are a number of different of styles available on the market, and chances are there is a style that will fit your personality perfectly, it just takes a little time to find the right one.

Bad Weather and Good Sense – Motorcycle Safety Tips

Choosing to ride a motorcycle is rather sensible, in some ways, and it invites significant risk in others. The direct economic cost of owning and riding a motorcycle is generally far less than that associated with a passenger car or truck. Moreover, the environmental impact of the typical bike is much smaller than that of another motor vehicle.

All New KTM 350 SXF

There have been many rumors going around that the Austrian-based company, KTM, has been testing out a new 350cc motocross weapon. Well for once, the rumors were true, and KTM recently announced it like they weren’t hiding anything.

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A Brief History of Harley Davidson’s Past

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The anticipation of a new riding season for the motorcyclist can sometimes be a little nerve wracking, especially if you’ve been waiting for the time to come for months because you’ve had to endure the cold winter months which have been filled with snow and ice and all of the conditions that would make riding a motorcycle completely impossible. When the time does finally come to hop back on your motorcycle for the first time of the season, the feeling of relief overwhelms you like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders and you’re finally free to go about your business.

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