Qiewa QPower Common Repairs Video – Handlebar and Lights

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While a great scooter overall, and a fantastic deal at $2100, the Qiewa QPower is not perfect and needs a couple of adjustments right away.

In this video Uncle Jim shows Chuck how to fix the sticky handlebars and re-fit the front lights using locktight.

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The Importance of a Using a Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle covers are an often overlooked alternative to keeping your motorcycle in a garage or under larger cover. Whilst they are not as ideal due to a lack of airflow, and keeping in condensation (although this is relieved by higher quality breathable and waterproof contemporary materials) they are still great at protecting your motorcycle from the elements.

Important Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be very exciting but riders are exposed to several dangers compared to other motorists. When you ride a motorcycle, there is no significant barrier between you and the road. Other motorists may not see or anticipate the presence of a motorcycle on the road and this can lead to serious motorcycle accidents.

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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The use of the motorcycle as a means of transport has become very common worldwide. This is because the motorcycle is cheap in terms of acquiring it and in addition, the cost maintaining and fueling a motorcycle is favorable or affordable to most people. Known to be a preserve of the most developed countries for some period, today in most developing countries such as African countries, the motorcycle is very popular.

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Your budget dictates if you want to have a professionally installed security system on your motorcycle or the do-it yourself kind. The bottom line here is, do whatever it takes to keep your prized cruiser from being pilfered. Really, there is no reason to leave your pride and joy at risk.

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Common Factors in Motorcycle Accidents

Though most drivers share the streets with motorcyclists on a daily basis, there is often confusion about the proper interaction between motorcycles and cars. In most US cities, cars represent the vast majority of traffic, but that does not negate the need of drivers to know how to drive with motorcyclists. According to the Hurt Report, a landmark report on motorcycle accidents, most motorcycle accidents are multi-vehicle situations which involve a motorcyclist and an passenger car.

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