Today we dive into the soon to be released EMOVE RoadRunner ( But before it is released, we have an exclusive look at this seated scooter and share what we like and what we’d like to have changed on the EMOVE RoadRunner

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Motorcycle Maintenance

Whether you want to be a “Bad Boy”, “Biker Dude”, or “Biker Chick”, you have to start somewhere. Of course you probably already know which motorcycle you want to get, but have you thought about what all you will need to do to take care of your motorcycle and to stay legal and safe on the road? Be sure that you know your state laws for motorcyclists, and how to maintain your new bike.

The Three Best Motorcycle Trips in the United States

This article takes a closer look at the top three motorcycle trips in the United States: the Wild West tour, Route 66 tour and the California Dreamin’ tour. This article is an excellent read for individuals who are avid motorcyclists, like to make frequent road trips and want information regarding potential exciting trips that you can make. The USA is where motorcycles are king, endless roads just like the film easy rider.

Points That Don’t Let You Waste Money on Bonneville Mufflers

Individual features of a Bonneville Muffler can be a waste in the absence of durability factor. A stainless steel of grade 304 fills this gap and hence becomes the preferred choice for most of the motorcycle parts manufacturers.

The History of the Honda CD250 Motorcycle

The Honda CD250 was first launched in 1988 by Honda. This motorcycle was one of a kind for its petrol consumption (65mpg) and its tank range (185 miles). When you incorporate those numbers with the Honda CD250 petrol capacity (10 litres) some people may describe it a miracle on both the cost of petrol and the length before the need of a pit stop.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Motorcycle Repair School

A motorcycle enthusiast can turn their hobby into a lucrative career. One way to do this is by enrolling in a motorcycle repair school.

Make Your Own Motorcycle Stand

Making a homemade motorcycle stand is an indication that one is definitely passionate and dedicated to one’s bike. The materials and the process are easy with persistence, ingenuity and practice. This article will give you the raw materials in crafting your custom-built bike stand.

The History of the Honda CD200 Motorcycle

Honda released numerous 200 cc motorbikes using very similar engines yet various body versions during and though the 1980s. This design launched in South Africa as well as Pakistan had been referred to as the CD 200 Road Master. This got a twin cylinder 10-degree cylinder angle along with a 360-degree crank shaft angle motor that intended the pistons shifted with each other plus attained top dead centre (TDC) and bottom dead centre (BDC) simultaneously.

The History of the Honda CD185 Motorcycle

The vintage Honda CD185 was first manufactured in 1978. Very few of these models were produced which makes finding parts a little difficult, but it is possible. The stock engine was an air cooled 4 stroke SOHC twin which helped in both speed a mileage.

The History of the Honda CD175 Motorcycle

The Honda CD175 was a touring model that was aligned side by side with the Honda CB175 and the off road CL175. Many aspects of this model were the same as the aspects of the other two motorcycles listed which included a T-bone frame, double seat, swing arm and even the electrics of the machine. During the release the Honda CD175 has many progressive elements such as blinkers, mirrors and an ease in maintenance that was rarely ever seen in models at the time.

5 Things To Know Before Buying A Scooter

The scooter craze has officially reemerged on the American market. Gas prices and urban crowding have forced more and more people to look for less expensive transportation. This includes everyone from college students to office workers to retirees.

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