Perfect City Commuter Electric Scooter For Heavy Duty | Varla Pegasus

Varla Pegasus pre-orders open!
A 35 mph & solid tire city commuter electric scooter for heavy-duty.
We worked with a design group and made a unique scooter based on most Varla riders’ needs.
Dual motor? YES!
Solid tires? YES!
Dual suspension? Sure!
More specs? View more:

Having Fun With The History Of Piaggio Scooters

Due to the fact that gas prices are still rising, many people are starting to look for different alternatives. For years, the Piaggio company has been making a number of different scooters and bikes that are all great on gas mileage as well as super fun to drive around. In order to learn some more about these products, take a look right now to learn about the history of Piaggio Scooters.

Why Scooters Could Be The Vehicle Of Choice In Warm Regions For Quick Transportation

When looking at why scooters could be the vehicle of choice in warm regions you need to understand what this mode of transportation offers. They are efficient, clean and highly portable which makes them perfect to use as a quick way to get around areas. Choosing an electric type offers many benefits of the gas models and here are a few of them.

Best Way To Park Your Motorcycle On The Street

If you are a motorcyclist, then you are fully aware of how it feels when you leave your bike parked on the streets unattended. There is always the concern that someone will come along and begin to play around with the bike. However, there is what is known as the best way to park your motorcycle on the street.

An Electric Scooter Can Save Money

For those that want to save money, an electric scooter can offer a good alternative to traditional transportation. They use no gas, so the costs associated with that are eliminated. They are environmentally friendly and can be fun to use.

How To Buy A Used Motorcycle Online

If you are interested in learning to ride a motorcycle, then perhaps before ever buying a new one you should first invest in a used one. A second hand one can be the best option for anyone who is wanting to own a motorbike for the first time. Here is how to buy a used motorcycle online.

Monthly Motorcycle Maintenance Tips For Better Performance

If you are the owner of a motorcycle, then you are already aware just like anything else, you will need to place good care for the bike to keep it running well so you can continue enjoying the kind of ride that you can only get from this kind of vehicle. Here are some monthly motorcycle maintenance tips to keep your bike operating smoothly.

Some Safety Commuting Tips On A Motorcycle

Should you be one of the many motorcyclist that just loves the feel of freedom when riding, then you should be aware of the fact just how important it is to ride with safety. Anyone who operates a vehicle should employ safety techniques that will help to enable a person to have a good drive when riding out on the road. Whenever driving on a motorcycle there is always the threat of danger. Here are some safety commuting tips on a motorcycle.

Foot Injuries Common in Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries to the legs and feet are the most common areas of injury for motorcyclists involved in crashes. This article provides statistics on lower extremity injuries among motorcycle crash victims, and methods that could be used to better protect these areas.

The History Of Piaggio Motorcycle For Those Ready To Ride

For years there have been brand new motorcycles and brands being created for individuals to buy and ride. These motor vehicles are designed to get you from point A to point B, without spending too much time or money on gas. One of the most popular brands out there is Piaggio, and for a number of great reasons. Take a closer look here and learn a little bit about the history of Piaggio motorcycle.

The History Of Suzuki Motorcycle

The history of Suzuki Motorcycle started in Japan in the early 1950’s and was spun from a company that made looms. Michio Suzuki, whose father was cotton farmer was an entrepreneurial young man who became a carpenter in his small village about 125 miles outside Tokyo. He invented a pedal-driven wooden loom, which slowly started to get attention.

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