Perfect City Commuter Electric Scooter For Heavy Duty | Varla Pegasus

Varla Pegasus pre-orders open!
A 28 mph & solid tire city commuter electric scooter for heavy-duty.
We worked with a design group and made a unique scooter based on most Varla riders’ needs.
Dual motor? YES!
Solid tires? YES!
Dual suspension? Sure!
More specs? 👉

You Can Build a Bobber Chopper

If you’re reading this article, then you will most likely know what a Bobber chopper is. But for those of you who have no idea what a Bobber chopper is (or even what a Bobber is), then read along, and I’ll do my best to explain.

Half Helmet Or Full Face Helmet

Half helmet or full face helmet – which one is best? The truth is that each helmet has has positives and negatives, and no matter which one you ultimately decide upon purchasing, just making sure that you strap on a helmet every time you’re riding your scooter, motorcycle or ATV is the single best decision you can make.

How to Purchase Motocross Helmets

We understand that you’ve chosen a motocross helmet just a little different from the ordinary. Most of the new motocross helmet designs price range can cater to new styles for the dirt biking. Whether you’re looking for a new fresh model or just shopping for the most resent, we have the best possible solution for you.

Buying & Selling Scooters and Motorcycles

Buying very cheap electric scooters has gotten easier as there are now various resources available. Get insights into how to properly price your motorcycle and how to sell it. Use tips on how to shift gears on a motorcycle and drive more safely.

Motorcycle Safety – 4 Essential Tips

Any ride on a motorcycle is bound to be one of the greatest thrills you may ever experience. Very different from the sheltered environment of a regular vehicle, a motorcycle allows you to feel the power of the engine directly below you and you can’t get much closer to the earth beneath you either.

Motorcycle Overalls – Maximizing Warmth and Protection on Every Trip

The motorcycle overall is a wonderful piece of motorcycle gear to have in situations where the weather is less favorable and can help keep you warm and comfortable, especially if you pair them up with a high quality motorcycle jacket. This product is a must have for anyone that plans on riding through the cold winter months where temperatures can dip well below the normal temperatures experience when riding in more mild conditions.

Different Motorcycle Categories And The Difference In Their Characteristics

Every motorcycle we see around seems just a machine designed in some unique manner by the manufacturer. But there is always a style and performance characteristic behind different pattern of bikes!

Review the Best Discount Motocross Helmets

Shopping for the correct size and style for Discount Motocross helmets can be easy if you know a little bit about the history of motocross racing industry. Some of the top motocross accessories company’s offer a discount on the last years styles if you need the best. Safety should be key to buying the top equipment.

Scooters – Should You Buy Gas Or Electric Motor Scooters?

So, you are trapped in a decision that allows you to decide whether to buy an electric motor scooter or a gas-powered one. However, once you begin your search, you will realize that there are a lot of differences between the two types of scooters. Now, when deciding which one you should choose, it is important that you understand the differences between the electric motor scooters and gas-powered scooters.

Sheepskin Seat Covers – Will Sheepskin Covers For My Motorcycle Really Protect and Keep Things Dry?

More and more people are turning to sheepskin for their motorcycle seat protection. You may want to know if sheepskin will really protect your motorcycle seat and will it stay dry. This is easily answered as a yes and anyone who has tried this will agree that sheepskin is a great choice for a motorcycle seat cover.

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