Passive Penguin Polymer Farm | PixARK #19

hey how's it going. welcome back to pixark we're up here in the air balloon today so i've been looking for some of the penguins that way we can get some a 
little polymer farm going haven't found any yet but 
i did find a huge village so i figured we'd stop by here, 
take a look and see what it is i haven't seen any houses like that so far show you on the map. we are way down south as you can see over that direction 
i found another small village but it's like right on the edge of the map border 
and only one of the houses are sticking out found a couple more temples but let's go ahead and jump down here 
and see what's in those houses might be nothing but we'll see also turns out you can put 
storage cabinets on here somebody left me another 
comment letting me know this i do appreciate all the comments and 

Makes everything a little bit easier so we'll go over here and check out 
i guess we'll just start on this edge because there's quite a few of them around here i think there's like 10, around 10 or so as you can see they go all the way 
over to there and stretch across that's kind of the border there so we got 
like two, four, six, we got eight of them be cool if there's some loot in them 
at least or something i don't know hoping nothing damages my 
airship while we're in there i haven't really gotten off of 
it whenever there's stuff around i also want to make sure i can 
get back on it that's the thing dude these are like little temples i don't know if that's a good 
thing or a bad thing.

Are we make sure we're low enough i kind of, i guess i need to just 
set it on the ground huh? yeah where's that one dilo at? let's take him out just so he doesn't come 
attacking our stuff and there's a wolf all right man we need some good loot seeing 
how our temple raid didn't go very well are you the guard dog here man? can i get by please? oh little copies oh i don't have any, oh i got my sword. 
i thought i left my sword back at base i had to repair everything. i'm kind 
of running out of the bone pieces so i can't repair my armor very well. 
i didn't think about that really oh do i have my mining helmet? i do so we got some crates in here oh it's more of the little things 
wait, what's that one? jars and bottles okay we'll take some of those with us we'll probably throw a lot of this 
out at the end, oh there's a wolf oh that just a chest that he 

We'll take that stuff just because we can always throw it off i don't know if there's gonna be a weight limit whenever i put stuff onto 
the airship in the storage we'll have to figure that out as we get to it oh nice we got another, oh 
bamboo so i did find bamboo that's a new resource i haven't 
seen. a candle and some arrows, nice that's kind of cool. a very easy 
little house to come through let's grab a little bit of that meat i didn't bring much extra food with 
me. didn't really think about it well there's a campfire. we 
should be able to cook at we're not worried about the copper spear can we use this or is it just there 
for, it's just here for looks, dang it was gonna say that's kind of good timing i'd go ahead and cook up that 
meat if we could but whatever oh it's a second story, nice.

Dude if 
all these are like little lootable areas we might actually get some good stuff leather boots not worried about it light protecting helmet? what's, so wear on stormy days to 
protect you against lightning damage lightning damage? i didn't know that was a thing of course i haven't seen the storm either so we have to quit picking up all that extra 
stuff it's kind of weighing us down already they look cool. i'll take some of the bottles oh dude i didn't reload i need to turn this glare off 
whenever we leave this house too i didn't realize that the glare is only, you 
gotta reset it every time you restart the game it's not a permanent setting i think we already have that one blueprint why does that one look different? oh it's the, i do that every 
time it's the chests that break all right nothing behind those cool i think that's it for this one.

can't interact with that one either right? oh man that would have been nice 
to cook some of that meat up all right give me a minute let me turn 
this glare off and we'll be right back ah there we go, nice now we won't be blinded every time 
we go to use our candle helmet let's use these if we can all right so that one we already had 
and then what do we want to get rid of? let's, tell you what let's just throw all this 
on the boat and we don't need the leather pants i'm calling it a boat man it's 
because it looks like a boat all right i don't know why i brought my 
pliers with me.

I was repairing my armor and we don't want the dirt we'll throw that out cool so we'll see if this 
thing actually lifts off now and we'll go to the next house it does. okay so maybe there's not a weight 
limit. i'm not sure it's kind of weird you figured it would tell you if there was or not oh that one's outside of the boarder oh dude half of these gonna 
be outside of the border well that kind of sucks. that's what happened 
over there on the other side of the map yeah three of them we won't 
be able to get to.

Well i don't know if we can get 
in the front door of this one take a look and see real quick. oh yeah 
we can get into this one nice, barely guessing there will be some more wolves in here i bet they're all gonna be the same isn't it? yep, yep, yep, looks like it well i mean it's not very much in here to kind of kill you so i 
guess it would be somewhat easier regular bow, don't want it.

I hear 
something out there getting attacked or up here getting attacked never stood a chance one more up here. yeah i bet 
these are all gonna be the same oh wait what's this? oh just 
a regular leather helmet i do like the arrows though. so i guess on every little like temple or place you find it 
kind of has a specific loot pool it pulls from it seems like this is all kind of basic stuff. 
i mean it is the easier looking levels to do we'll do one more and then i'll 
continue the search for the penguins that's kind of weird man that hat, i don't know i just didn't know that would be 
a thing with having to worry about who's getting killed? oh 
dude get off my boat, my ship see that's what i'm worried 
about leaving it out like that all right let's find one more to do real quick 
and then we'll try to find out some penguins see if any of them actually look different 

I think they all look about the same we'll do the one that's over here on the edge all right man please have something different i mean it did have that one blueprint in 
it so that's not too bad, not a total bust it's something that we didn't have all right let's take a look oh totally missed that one. 
not sure how, it happens i shouldn't be using my bullets anyways i did load normal ones up after 
we get done with that last temple so that's a ceiling blueprint and then 
oh an apprentice raptor saddle one okay a little bit better armor it looks like cool so we did get something out of 
here that we needed, a couple things uh-huh more junk, more junk. that's 
okay it's all stuff that we will use well i don't know i don't know if 
we'll use the arrows since we have the tranq darts for like the magic and everything else all right man last one and a wood fence blueprint didn't have that either, 

So it's not a total bust however we're going to leave the rest of 
these here. i'll come back off a camera to do them. i don't want to have to, i mean 
they're all going to be they kind of the same i really want to try to find the 
penguins and get that done today so let me fly around a little bit which way was i going? that way and see if we can't find some and then 
we'll come back and try to get us a little it's like a little pool you got to set up i think you can do four of them at a time and 
put in there and they start making polymer you just give them food. 
so let's see back in a few well we have flown literally across the 
whole map and this is the only place where there's a kind of winterish biome at and the thing that sucks is 
it's right on the map edge so i don't think there's gonna be any of 
them here.

We'll take a look but yeah i mean it's gonna suck if 
there's no penguins on the map for us we'll give it a minute for stuff 
to spawn in in case it hasn't but i don't know if they're found on the 
surface or if we have to go into the cave this does kind of go down a little bit. let's 
take a little bit of a stroll down through here i actually well, what is 
that? that's a little wolf yeah i don't think there's 
gonna be anything in this i think i've been in this before 
when i was looking for snow yeah i see it's right there at the map border so nothing in there let's run along the wall here maybe we'll see one if not the only thing i know to do is go back 
to base and i don't remember seeing on that   portal that we got set up possibly 
there'd be a place to go to a biome there's a question though.

i didn't know those were in here there's another one but it's spawned 
outside of the map. that kind of sucks but we'll take a look at that ark portal 
that we got set up. that little mini one to see if there's a winter biome that 
we can just or a frozen land it's called see if we can't just teleport 
to it if there is one so there's a bear. dude 
that bear looks pretty cool should definitely come back and 
try to tame it at some point and what is that other thing? 
dude oh my gosh i almost fell off oh it's a ice elemental, interesting oh well one of those we're not gonna be 
able to tame they're gonna kill each other oh wait is that a penguin? there's one there tell you what i think that we, i 
think they're just like a passive tame let's go ahead and get over here we might need to kill or 
kite that ice elemental off i think that's gonna be the one that 

There's a little dilo after us yep that ice elemental just wrecked that guy man i tell you what let's go grab that one 
penguin before something happens to him the only one on this whole map let's set our boat down or our airship down 
right here so we can get back in it real easy take out these frozen dilos 
so they don't come at us oh my game froze there. holy crap 
i thought we were gonna gonna crash so what do we need to tame it? maybe some berries? no. was it some meat? yeah there we go. oh nice we got one. 
cool let's put it in our inventory so we're gonna convert it to a pix block nice there we go we have one let's float around a little bit more, 
see if we can't find a second one it would be nice to have more than one but like i said this is a very, very 
small limited area on this biome i mean that's the end of it right 

We don't have too far to go i'll check back though if anything to 
see if another one spawns in here later there's a wolf, an ice wolf yeah i don't see any. oh wait there 
is, okay cool there's another one like i said i think we can put four 
into each one of the little enclosures what's up buddy? nice there we go let's change our helmet out 
to get this light off of us is there any more up here before we go? there's a reindeer all right let's go back on the airship and go 
that way and then base is just right over there it's not too far dude that makes me happy 
that we actually found them starting to get kind of worried 
since we were running at a map yeah it seems to be it.

I wonder 
if there's anything down there? take a quick peek inside some weird little crystals there it looks 
like. oh that goes under kind of far i will have to come back to that 
i don't want to get stuck in it which i'm about to do anyways interesting. cool let's head back to base 
and we'll set up the little enclosure i think it's called a pool. oh we 
need to get some snow to take with us i think that's part of the recipe. 
i don't know how many blocks it was and i can't remember if i have any 
left over from the christmas event so we'll just grab some while we're 
here and it's all over the place anyways get away from that ice elemental. 
i don't want any problems just take, maybe we'll grab a 

That way we have some extra oh there's another penguin. dude come this way man buddy come over here man. come 
on the other side of the wall there's another one too and another one. dude 
see, oh man that sucks dude that really sucks it's a horrible place to put a 
wall, i'm just saying, just saying actually i don't know if they can 
actually cut across that or not i think it's a barrier for them too but they are spawning here for sure so i was hoping to get two of the pools set up that way we have a good little production 
farm going on for the polymer because i think for like the steel airship we 
need like 8000 or 4000 something like that it's a ridiculously high number and 
we do need polymer for shotgun ammo nothing else huh? all right i'm gonna head 
back to base and we'll get the pool set up get this guy out and get him to 
start producing polymer for us i've got a slight airport 
issue in my backyard here all right go ahead and leave this one by that one they do break is the thing i'm 
kind of not liking with these let's, we're gonna leave 
everything in here for now i wanna put the rest of this junk 
and then i'll sort it out later that back on there we got quite a bit of stuff from that run actually out of those houses and those 
are those two we don't need those we're keeping the meat we don't need the berries either, 

Let's go ahead and take a look we have to make it in the fabricator i unlock everything that we need so it's a little penguin pool so we need glass fence, marble foundation and snow so marble foundation i think we make it, oh 
marble i didn't grab any extra marble though that's okay we got a stack 
of 100 that should be plenty and then i think we need to get 
some glass. do i have any? i do how many of each was it? i 
want to make two of the pools well we'll just make one now because 
like i said it does four on each one so we need eight fence and four of the marble i don't remember which is 
four and which one was eight we'll just make eight of each all right let's, oh wait we got to turn it on oh wait is it on? oh i need gas.

Dude i must have 
left it on and ran all the gas out let's just take a whole stack. are you on? i guess not all right turn you on and we will make one pool at least it doesn't take too long throw the rest of this stuff back in 
here. get rid of some of this weight awesome i like it where do you want to put it? 
i was kind of thinking here but maybe we'll put this kind of 
stuff we'll start putting it back here we are getting to where we're kind of full i want to kind of keep the boats 
over or the air ships over this way that way i come right in and out there so let's put the penguins here that's not too bad size-wise that is that should work and then let's take a look don't want to name it, don't want oh i think 
we have to throw them out and then capture them there you go buddy nice so that was a male that's a female i wonder if they are breedable? i'll have to take a look at that later if so then we don't have 
to worry about that anymore we can just go ahead and breed 
them and get the other ones we need i think for fuel it is food if 
i read correctly which is right and then produce so time remaining 20 minutes does that mean it takes 20 
minutes for them to produce any? i don't know but let me go ahead 
and let this sit for a few minutes we'll see if it started making them and 
then we'll check it out before we go so we'll see back in a few went ahead and put a little border around 
it just to make it look a little bit better i'll probably put some torches on the sides 
here just so they have some light at night so here's the thing i'm kind of curious about it's only been about i don't know 
three or four regular minutes and it's already saying i need to produce again so i don't know if it has like 
a timer for it to start and stop or maybe i clicked on something 
but they've only produced one so i'm not sure how fast it's 
actually gonna produce them so yeah it's been like almost 
four real-time minutes for one that is only half of what needs to be in here 
because it can hold four in each enclosure so the way i'm thinking if this 
is only going to produce that many and we're going to need quite a few of these maybe, maybe four of them.

I don't know. i'll 
have to check into it later on the breeding to see if we can't breed these to get 
a couple more of them set out because yeah oh man i was hoping it was going to 
produce you know a good stack or some of them i don't know but we have got 
it started so it's not too bad i'm gonna go ahead and leave this one here. 
when we come back in the next one i kind of want to start doing some taming.

a couple things i want to tame over in the magic biome and the doom lands. i kind of 
want to get one of the golems, i want to get one of the pegasus and a griffin but we also 
need to start taking a look into the water there's quite a bit of stuff there and we 
need to look at getting the scuba tank made and getting probably a dolphin. i've seen 
quite a few dolphins around that'll be like our first underwater tame so we can 
do a little bit of exploring so i don't know but that's kind of what we'll 
be doing in the next couple videos start getting moving towards that stuff anyways hope you enjoyed the video as always, thanks for watching 
and we'll see in the next one.

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