P-Setting Instruction for Varla Pegasus

Must-know operation of your Pegasus Scooter.

0:07 How to enter P-Setting
0:10 P1 adjusts the display brightness.
0:15 P2 changes speedometer units
0:24 P4 is the Auto on and off timer for the display.
0:51 P8 limits the scooter’s top speed.
0:58 P9 changes between zero start and kick start.
1:16 P16 resets the lifetime odometer.
1:21 P17 sets cruise control.
Any P settings not mentioned are manufacturer settings and should not be adjusted.

Buying an Electric Scooter – Part 5

There are a lot of items to consider when making the purchase of a new electric scooter. If you have followed my previous articles, then you already know what to look for in a reputable dealership, drive train, and electrical system on an electric mobility scooter. Now it is time to learn what to look for in a good scooter chassis.

Repossessed Motorcycles For Sale – Tips on Buying Motorcycles Repossessed by Banks

If you are planning to finally buy your dream bike then some of the paramount places to go are several auction sites that offer repossessed motorcycles for sale at incredibly low price; this option gives you the chance to start riding the bike of your dreams because of the affordability it offers to you. Most of these bikes were seized by banks from clients who have defaulted on their loan payments; others were recovered by police agents from people involved in various crime.

Motorcycle Safety Tips and Safe Ride Preparation

Motorcycle riding can be a wonderful experience for anyone that loves to get out on the open road and explore the country side to take in the scenery and fresh air. It’s important to keep safety in mind while riding in order to experience the safest, most enjoyable ride possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind while your out on your motorcycle that will help to keep you safe.

Preference For the Cruiser Style Motorcycle

When it comes to riding motorcycles, many people have there preference with regard to the type of bike that they ride and that’s typically what they stay true to throughout there lives. For me, it’s the cruiser style motorcycle that I prefer for a few reasons.

Putting the Perfect Detail on Your Motorcycle

How about something just for fun? One of the easiest installations is to add a motorcycle flag mount. There are several different types of flag mounts. With these flag mounts you can fly your favorite colors or a patriotic flag.

Motorcycle Winterizing Tips and Techniques

When the riding season has come to an end and it’s time to put your motorcycle away for the winter, do you have all of the know how to perform the proper winterization steps? Are you aware of all the tasks that can be complete to prepare your bike for storage until the spring? There are lots of things you can do to get it ready for winter storage, and to make sure that your bike will be in running shape again in the spring.

Understanding Both Sides of the Custom Exhaust Debate

Custom motorcycle exhaust has been the topic of some heated debates over the past couple years and most of the debates really boil down to two main arguments. Those two main arguments are for and against the exhaust all together. This article will explain what those two arguments are and how they both can be valid.

How to Drive a Fast Gas Scooter

These days, people have become more and more concerned with how they get around. With rising fuel prices, awareness of the damaged caused by fossil fuels, and a desire to take up less space, people have begun to use products like scooters to get around and run all the errands they have each day.

How to Shop For an Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are a fast growing area of transportation and recreation for many biking enthusiasts. Increasing costs of fuel and greater awareness of the environmental damage caused by fossil fuel consumption has lead many people to find alternatives to standard petrol engines.

Good Advice From Experienced Biker

Protective motorcycle clothing is spoken about by an experienced biker from Belarus. He is also giving advice about choosing right clothing and wearing it.

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