P-Setting Instruction for Varla Pegasus

Must-know operation of your Pegasus Scooter.

0:07 How to enter P-Setting
0:10 P1 adjusts the display brightness.
0:15 P2 changes speedometer units
0:24 P4 is the Auto on and off timer for the display.
0:52 P9 changes between zero-start and kick start.
1:09 P16 resets the lifetime odometer.
Any P settings not mentioned are manufacturer settings and should not be adjusted.

Amsoil For Motorcycles

The use of Amsoil products in your motorcycle has proven to be very beneficial over the life of the motorcycle. Studies have proven that Amsoils synthetic oil and filters for mtorcycles has increased the life span of motorcycle engines and motorcycle transmissions. The choice to run Amsoil products in your motorcycle can deliver better fuel economy and reduce engine and transmission damage. In a very short period of time you will realize the difference Amsoil products for motorcycles brings to your motorcycles performance.

Choosing the Correct Motorcycle Cover

There are tons of reasons why you should have a motorcycle cover. First of all, it will save you time from wiping and cleaning the painted surface of your bike to gleaming proportions every time you take it for a roll downtown.

Vespa Scooters Are Best to Purchase When on Sale

Why are Vespa scooters the best to buy, one may inquire. The name Vespa is a brand that is well known the world over and the manufacturing company Piaggio has been into manufacturing innovative vehicles for transportation over the years. The company takes pride in blending style, originality and practicality into their vehicle manufacturing to bring out the best among the rest.

Looking Cool With Your Novelty Motorcycle Helmet

When you’re out on the open road and you want to look you’re best, consider a novelty motorcycle helmet to help give you a little extra class. Although novelty helmets don’t offer as much protection as other helmets, they do offer a cool look because of their lightweight, low profile appearance.

Yamaha Zuma Mopeds

All mopeds are meant to do the same job, take you places stylishly, easily, safely and economically too. That is the same features that the Yamaha Zuma has too. It is a very reliable moped that one can trust for short as well as long distances. If you have plans of settling in for a stylish and economic moped, why not the Yamaha Zuma?

Discount Gas Powered Motorized Scooters

The word discount always attracts many because items are extremely high could be acquired at a cheaper rate and one could be lucky to get their favorite item they had been watching for a long time, but unable to acquire it because of the price. So when the word discount is displayed in stores and other places definitely there would be a crowd to satisfy their desires.

Electric Scooters For Your Precious Kids

Kids are kids and they have their own way of getting things done for them, either from their parents or from their elders. They may seem stubborn but ultimately one would agree that they are enthusiastic and curious to learn more and more while they grow. They would love to have everything that an adult has, and then why not want to have an electric scooter?

Gas Powered Motorized Scooters to Cut Costs

People of all ages love to use the gas powered motorized scooters for many reasons, a few being versatility, fuel efficiency and hence cheap. In a world where even little ones would want to own a motorized vehicle to carry those places, one has to reconsider transport plans again and again.

The Yamaha Razz is the Toughest Scooter

Scooters are scooters, one would agree but what about their make and sturdiness? The brand name matters mostly when it comes to choosing the best scooter in the market.

The Secrets to Harley Davidson Riding Safety

So your childhood wish has come to pass and you have acquired a new Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The style and the speed of the motor cycle will make you want to go out and try out the power that it represents as soon as you can.

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