One of a Kind – Super Glide 4.0 Electric Scooter Big Guy Review

Unique Electric Scooter review, the Super Glide 4.0 exclusively available at Ride the Glide in Victoria British Columbia. A fabulous commuter option with the ability to stand or sit. It has large fat tires and big shocks for a smooth ride. The deck is large for standing…and general comfort. Twin 48V 20 amp/hr batteries means a long ride and the 750w motor propels me down the road with ease. Check out my review of the Super Glide 4.0 πŸ™‚
Thank you to Ride the Glide for lending me the electric vehicle for reviewing and to Michael for helping with the filming πŸ™‚

Ride the Glide:

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Review: Bike To Bike Range Test Report

Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms have become very popular and boast a lot of features. All of the manufacturer’s claim their headsets can be used “up to” a certain distance apart but how far apart are they REALLY usable and how do the different brands compare. We tested the 4 top models in town and in a rural setting to see how they stand up to each other.

Interphone F5 Handle Bar Remote Control – One Of A Kind

Interphone is the only Bluetooth motorcycle headset manufacturer to offer a handle bar remote control which allows the rider to change and select options on the headset without removing his hands from the handle bars. How does it work and is it useful?

Motorcycle Braking Tips for Track Days

When looking at making gains on the track in and around the braking area, most riders tend to try and do one thing; they try to push their braking markers back as far as they dare. What riders really need to focus on though is not where they brake, but how they brake. In this guide I have detailed how we should structure our braking to get the best gains on the track, as well as show you what can and often does happen as a result of poor braking technique.

How to Pack for a Long Motorcycle Trip

How to pack for a motorcycle trip of 2 weeks or longer. This can be very daunting, you will always have to make laundry stops.

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Dirt Bike

Buying dirt bike motorcycles is not as easy as it might seem. With the many choices available from the various dirt bike manufacturers, it is not always easy making a final decision. There are several important factors that must be considered if you want to end up with a bike that is well-suited for your level of skill and experience.

High Performance Exhaust Systems By Termignoni

If you are looking for a high performance exhaust system there are a vast range out there. An exhaust system by Termignoni could be what you are looking for.

West Coast Choppers Clothing: Ever Wondered What West Coast Choppers Clothing Is All About?

Have you ever wondered what range of clothing accessories West Coast Choppers offer? Well let me explain what the legacy of the West Coast Choppers Clothing range is all about and your importance to carry on the Jesse James Legacy.

Looking for the Best Bike Safety Eye Wear

Sometimes we see motorcycle eye wear more like an accessory. But if you’ll look at it closely, you’ll discover they are not just for fashion, they are meant to add protection and safety for your eyes and ultimately contributes to your driving pleasure.

Crack Your Motorcycle Tire Size Code

Tire sizes are generally indicated by Width, Aspect Ratio, Speed Rating and Rim Diameter. These dimensions are given in a set of numbers and letters using either the metric, alphanumeric or the standard inch systems. Learn what each of these numbers stand for, and how it is important to know them.

Motorcycle Tires Size Numbering Systems

There are three major numbering systems which are used to code tire sizes. Learn the formats used by these systems in order to know the size of your tire or the most suitable size for your motorcycle the next time you want to replace your tire.

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