OhManDan US Tour | North Carolina

OhManDan Travels the Country bringing awareness of Micro Mobility PEV Industry to people.

You can watch ride Footage here on John’s Channel: https://youtu.be/eoXMhYt-9lI

How to Prepare Your Child For Motorcycle Riding

There are many considerations to make when preparing your youngster for motorcycle riding on the track or off. They include rider safety equipment, bike size and rider training. This article will discuss rider safety equipment.

Triumph Thunderbird Sport

Way back in 1949, three motorcycles were shown riding 500 miles at an average speed of 92mph. This was the world’s introduction to the Triumph Thunderbird. From this heritage the Thunderbird 900 was born in 1994 and just three years later, Triumph set loose on the world the Triumph Thunderbird Sport.

Triumph Thunderbird Accessories

Like many motorcycle companies, Triumph has found that selling factory accessories to customize their motorcycles is a lucrative business. However, they also know that quality products are necessary to keep the buyers coming back. Triumph develops its own accessories catalog in conjunction with the model itself.

Triumph Thunderbird 1600

In 2007, a rumor was spreading throughout the motorcycle press. Pictures had surfaced of a new motorcycle testing around the roads of Hinckley in the United Kingdom…Speculation was that Triumph was going to put another large displacement bike on the road. Turns out, they were right!

Triumph Thunderbird Parts

The Thunderbird has been an icon of motorcycling since it was first unleashed on the world by Triumph. You may think of the Ford Thunderbird when you hear that name, but it was Triumph who licensed the name to the American auto company for use on their new 1955 ‘personal luxury car’ coupe. The first Triumph model designated ‘Thunderbird’ was produced in 1949; it was called the Thunderbird 6T.

Buy Pocket Bikes – The 50cc Pocket Bike

No matter what significant purchase you may be making you need to ask the right questions. That includes when you want to buy pocket bikes and even the small 50cc pocket bike.

DMV Motorcycle Test Programs – Online

The core reason why most people fail the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) motorcycle written exam on their first attempt is due to how sneaky the test questions are. That is why utilizing a specific and up-to-date online practice written test program is an excellent way to study for your DMV written exam and online educators agree, that you will be trained by the one of the most successful ways possible.

A New Green Alternative – Electric Bikes & Scooters

With rising energy prices and increasing awareness of global warming and it’s impact on our environment, consumers are looking for cheaper, greener forms of alternative transportation. Unfortunately, their choices are limited to a handful of pricey hybrid vehicles that are far too expensive, or electric cars that are incapable of meeting their daily transportation needs. With affordable and efficient vehicle technology years away, consumers are considering a new option for short trips and commutes: electric bicycles and scooters.

How to Prepare For a Long Motorcycle Road Trip

One of the ultimate freedoms of motorcycle riding is hitting the open road for a long trip filled with excitement and adventure. While many riders like to be spontaneous and play things by ear, it is very important to plan your trip in advance and determine where you’d like to go.

Motorcycle Cargo Trailer – What to Consider Before Purchasing

There are many options when it comes to motorcycle cargo trailers. Starting with your safety limitations will then allow you to explore the huge array of trailers that will not only be safe but also versatile, allowing you greater freedom and comfort on your motorcycle trip.

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