OhManDan Presents | All New RIONized X-Bronco

OhManDan introduces his Bronco… Re-Built with RION Components. Now, BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER!!!!

How to Prep Your Classic Harley Motorcycle For Winter

A classic Harley motorcycle is not that much different than a new Harley when it comes to proper preparation for the winter season off the road. The basics are much the same. A dedicated owner will want to protect the motorcycle inside and out from any form of damage over the winter months. In general, here is a quick check list of what to do before parking your classic Harley for the winter…

Honda CR125 Review

For those of you dirt bikers that would like to know a little bit about the Honda CR125, tune in to this post as I will give you a review of the bike. Although it is a 2002, not much changed since 2007 except that the motor was modified a little bit in 2005. So this should be pretty accurate to the newer models as well because Honda pretty gave up on their two-strokes once they unleashed the thumpers (four-strokes).

EVS Race Collar Review

If you are looking into getting a neck roll/collar this might help you decide on which one to buy. Even if you aren’t in the market for one I suggest you keep reading because it could save a neck or collar bone, and that is the most…

HJC Helmet Review

I have personally tested the HJC CS-MX Phase, and it is a great helmet for any rider. The first thing you want to check on a helmet is if it DOT approved, and this one is. DOT approved means that it meets and/or exceeds safety requirements from the Department of Transportation.

Dirt Bike Trails

Dirt bike trail riding can be a lot of fun for any rider, but what’s not fun is your bike getting damaged, or even worse, you getting injured. That is why there are many options and add-ons to protect you and your bike.

A Brief History of the Yamaha Dirt Motor Bike

There are many uses for dirt motor bikes, from competitive sports to pastimes and hobbies that can be enjoyed by anyone. When you buy a bike you want to make sure that you are buying the best one possible and one that suits your style.

Electric Scooter Decisions For Kids and Parents

There is often a dividing line between kids and parents when purchasing a scooter. Kids are after fun, parents are concerned with safety. This article provides information regarding the facts of electric scooter and scooter projects parents can participate in.

Tips You Need to Know When Purchasing a Dirt Bike

Look for dirt bikes in the styles you are interested in such as street, trail, racing, dual or desert types of riding. Why spend time looking at ones that do not suit your needs. Trail bikes are some of the most purchased and the most fun if you are an outdoors person at heart.

Tips For Maintaining Your Motorcycle During the Off Season

When winter comes and cold weather begins to set in, that is the time to think about getting your motorcycle stored for the winter. You may not even be planning to store you motorcycle for the winter because you’ve made the decision that you’ll be riding throughout the winter. Regardless of your reason for either storing it or not storing it, there are some great tips for caring for your motorcycle throughout the winter. The steps indicated below should only take you a few hours and when you’re finished you will have done your part keeping your motorcycle in great mechanical condition and looking great.

Motorcycle Safety Equipment – What Options Are There?

Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than automobiles. Their two wheels make them less stable and more prone to sliding in bad road conditions. They are exposed to the weather and elements. They do not have a frame to protect the driver in case of an accident. While only 2% of vehicles registered in the United States are motorcycle, approximately 5% of all vehicular accidents involve motorcycles. Approximately 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death, whereas only 20% of automobile accidents result in injury or death.

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