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What You Should Know About Riding a Brand New Motorcycle

Know the facts about riding a brand new motorcycle. Learn what you should do if you just bought a new ride by reading the entire article.

Polycarbonate Lenses For Motorcycle Sunglasses

This is just one in a series of articles that I have written that defines terms used to describe lenses composing sunglasses. This is an attempt to make the overall product, motorcycle sunglasses, more clearly understood so that you, the shopper, can understand your needs and buy the product that best suits you.

The Motorcycle Accident That Forever Changed My Life

Flying through a window like an arrow. Cracking a 17 year old girls head open, knocking her out.

Stylish and Comfortable Motorbike Clothing

Most of the bikers consider motorbike clothing as one of the most valuable asset they possess. Motorbike clothing solves multiple purposes such that it provides the rider with style, safety and comfort.

The Fun in Owning GSXR Bikes – The Serious Rider’s First Choice

The name “GSXR” has been around for 25 years and is one which Suzuki must be eminently proud. Their family of GSXR bikes has been one of their most successful ranges and this is due to the massive amount of race success they have achieved in all areas of racing from club and national level up to British Superbike and World Superbike level. This success has put GSXR bikes at the top of the pile when it comes to buying the ultimate machine.

Adding Accessories to Customize Your Motorcycle

Adding custom accessories to your stock motorcycle can give your bike a great new look. Here are a few ideas to get started.

How to Make Your Own Leather Motorcycle Vest

For many people, being a motorbike rider is a personal experience. Some people travel long distances on their motorbikes and what better way to display your experiences than a customized leather motorcycle vest.

How Do Motorcycle Riders Adjust During Summer?

Summer is the time when bikers break out their motorcycles. There’s something amazing about riding a motorcycle; a sense of freedom and rebellion that is hard to get from merely driving a car. Motorcycles are also very fuel-efficient and can save you a lot of money on gas.

Motorcycling in the Summer

A motorcycle can be a fun vehicle to ride. Feeling the wind whip across your body while riding down the highway can make you feel like you’re almost flying. And the feeling of exhilaration to the fact that motorcycles don’t eat as much gas as a regular car does, and you have the ideal riding experience.

Motorcycle Lift – Tips You Can Use

Whether you just purchased a motorcycle or you have been a motorcycle enthusiasts for years you will find at some point you need to work on that great investment of yours. Find out what is a must to have…

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