Ninebot Max Vs EMOVE Touring Vs Apollo City: Scooter Showdown

On today’s Scooter Showdown, we will see the Segway Ninebot Max (, Emove Touring ( and Apollo City ( battle for the title of Best Light Commuter.

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Apollo City:
Emove Touring:
Segway Ninebot Max:

Intro: 00:00
Price: 01:03
Range: 01:36
Power: 02:27
Portability: 03:57
Ride Quality: 05:08
Tires: 07:24
Build Quality: 09:13
Safety: 11:29
Customer Service: 12:40
Whos it for?: 13:07

Segway Ninebot Max:
Emove Touring:
Apollo City:

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Information On Cruiser Bikes

Cruisers are bikes which imitate the styles of bikes from the 1930’s. They are not meant for riding down a country lane or a rocky road. They are meant to carry a person in style. As soon as you hear someone talk about cruiser bikes, you imagine a motorcycle bar with guys in leather jackets.

Inspection and Replacement of Motorcycle Sprockets

Generally, there are two sprockets installed on motorcycles. One sprocket is applied on the rear wheel and the other is on the transmission. They are used to turn the chain and transfers power from the transmission to the rear wheel. Sprockets may have some problems such as rust, wear and broken teeth. The broken teeth will make the sprockets increasingly difficult to turn. Thus, they must be changed if they have any of these issues.

Increase Your Knowledge About Motorcycle Battery Charger

A motorcycle batter charger is definite indispensable because it can help you charge your motorcycle and snowmobile. This kind of charger will help you anytime and anywhere you need to charge your motorcycle. You have to know that these chargers are nit expensive so anyone can avail a charger like this one.

Benefits of Having Motorcycle Battery Chargers

Aside from car, one of the most popular vehicles today is motorcycles. May people acquire these vehicles because of the convenience of maintaining a small vehicle instead of having cars? Cars are very costly to maintain, because parts are expensive unlike motorcycles with inexpensive parts.

What Are The Cost Benefits of Having A Scooter?

These days, scooters have become really affordable and these are a great alternative to owning cars, bikes and other types of larger vehicles. Owing scooters are a real blast and these are so convenient and time saving that you can reach from one point to the next within a very short amount of time.

Benefits of 3 Wheel Motor Scooters

There are many benefits to three wheel motor scooters. The benefits we’ll discuss include low cost, speed, and maintenance requirements.

Is Segway Rental the Best Choice in All Cities?

Segway rental can work out to be expensive, but the experience you will get from riding one will certainly leave you with some happy memories. Riding one really is a unique opportunity to glide along while you stand.

10 Steps to Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

Getting cheap motorcycle insurance is possible if you pay attention to a few basic rules. If you pay attention to these ten must do’s you can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance.

Kids Helmets: Convince Kids To Wear Them

Kids are not mature in thinking about themselves and they are not just like adults who really weigh every decision before taking any move. In reality, kids are really drawn towards play and at times, due to the excitement they feel, they tend to forget that what they are doing isn’t right anymore. Kids often commit mistakes for their nature would reveal the way they react but they can also be taught of the right things to do, only if you are willing to teach them and if you can make them realize what is right from wrong.

Full Face Helmets For Full Protection

Keeping yourself protected is one thing you really need to consider because if you fail to give it to yourself, you will certainly regret. However, not all the time you can keep yourself really safe, particularly if you are having a motorcycle ride. Going out for a ride is really enjoyable and full of fun but it will actually put your life at risk. How can you say that you are not safe when going for a ride?

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