Newly Updated Apollo Phantom V2 Deep Dive | ESG Liveshow #99

Tonight, discuss the freshly updated Apollo Phantom Version 2 (, and take a closer look at all the new updates!

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Pros and Cons of Motor Scooters

Motor scooters first appeared on the scene in the 1930s. In Taiwan, where they were first made, they were in operation since the 1920s. The motivation behind their creation was to alleviate the stress of walking long distances to work. The inventor, Gino, worked tirelessly to provide for himself a means to get to work without the hassle of walking. His expertise in engineering which he gathered from being an employee of the Razor factory, proved valuable in creating one of the earliest modern scooter known. Since then it has found its way to most parts of the world and forms an integral part of transportation for many emerging economies such as China and India. In the West, the scooter is still used as well. Let us look at a few pros and cons of the scooter.

A Closer Look at Motor Scooters

I a tough world economy, the high price of gasoline only adds to the pain. We have seen as prices have jumped almost 100% in just two years in most major cities in the world. This is not to mention that inflation continues to eat at real wages. Against this backdrop, we cannot be surprised if people begin to seek ways and means of saving money. One of the ways of doing this is cutting down either on travel or on the means of travel. That is why many are turning to scooters, mopeds and mobility scooters.

Motorcycle Number Plates Can Make Your Motorcycle Stand Out From the Crowd

Getting a custom motorcycle number plate made up is one of the simplest and cheapest ways around to make you motorcycle stand out from the crowd. Whether you are building a bike for the road or want to create an awesome show winner you should consider getting a number plate made up that fits the style of your machine.

Gas Scooters Add a Touch of Creativity

It is no secret that the price of gasoline has climbed to almost intolerable levels. This has caused financial hardship to many families who have to commute to and from work every day. Cars have become a luxury in many places and in a lot of major world cities from New York to Calcutta, commuters are becoming more innovative in the way they save on the high gas prices. One of the ways they are doing this is to purchase scooters.

Customizing Your Harley Davidson – The Right Parts and Accessories

So you simply got a shiny new bike and want to make it your own, but are not sure where to begin. Or perhaps you just freed up some money to customize your current motorcycle, but are not sure what yo…

Why Wear a Specialized Welder Caps While Welding and Biker Cap While Riding

A welding cap is designed to serve several purposes. They are necessary for the welders who are keen to sport long hairs. They are not only cool and stylish but also fire retardant and absorbent, to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes.

Scooter Safety Tips

Get pointers on Scooter Safety. Avoid accidents and enjoy getting around on your scooter or electric vehicle. Keep your kids safe.

What Makes Up the Legendary Harley Davidson?

The Harley Davidson is a household name even in places where there are no serious bikers. Even an absolute layman who does not know the head or tail of a bike will be able to instantly identify a Harley Davidson bike. This heavy weight cruiser has a distinctive look that renders it immediately distinguishable from the rest of the bikes milling around.

Mustang Motorcycle Seats For Different Types of Motorcycles

The standard motorcycle seats that come with the bike are not always very long lasting or very comfortable, especially for long distance rides. Some people need a little more width or a little more padding or just a seat that is better made.

Enhancing Your Ride With Motorcycle Seat Covers

If you have your motorcycle for a while, it is likely that the seat will eventually start to wear out. You can go through various different companies to get motorcycle seat covers to replace the one that came with your motorcycle, as well as to make it more comfortable. You can also get covers that will change the color of your seat to make it look a bit cooler. Many of these are pads that just go over the seat cover you already have.

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