NEW Apollo City 2022 Review: BETTER Than the Old City?

NEW Apollo City 2022 Review: BETTER Than the Old City?

The new Apollo City electric scooter comes with a long list of impressive features. Its IP6 water resistance, sublime one-click folding mechanism, powerful regen brakes, and excellent build quality are just a few. In this Apollo City review, we’ll take a closer look at each of these features and their overall value. We’ll also discuss its price and battery life, and how well it rides and handles.


The new and improved second generation of the Apollo City scooter hit the market late March 2022, and is due to ship by June. Available in two versions, the standard version, with one 500W motor, costs $1,499, and the Pro version, which boasts dual 500W motors, costs $1,799.

The top-of-the-line model of the Apollo City electric scooter is a remarkably versatile rider. It is equipped with a foldable design, an IP56 water-resistance rating, and an aircraft-grade aluminum frame. The city model weighs only 57 lbs., while the Pro version weighs 65 lb., making it easy to store and transport. Moreover, the city version supports a rider load of up to two hundred pounds, while the City Pro can accommodate up to two hundred and fifty pounds.

The New Apollo City 2022 comes with a 48-volt 500-watt motor. This motor allows the Apollo City to achieve a high-end performance in the real world. The bike is equipped with a smart battery management system that prevents battery failure and ensures peak performance for years to come. While it may be the heaviest scooter in its class, it is still a solid performer in its category.

The new model of the Apollo City e-scooter has a sophisticated app integrated into its handlebar. With the app, users can track their rides, check their battery status, and use GPS directions straight from the scooter. With the optional phone holder, users can also use the app to connect their smartphones to the scooter. This is a great way to stay connected with your scooter. It’s also an affordable way to get around town.


The second generation of the Apollo City electric scooter went on sale in late March and should ship by June of 2022. The new model is available in two variations: the standard model, with a single 500W motor, costs $1,499, and the upgraded model, with two 500W motors, costs $1,799.

The new model features a triple brake system, including front disc and main drum brakes, and is water resistant (IP56). It also has a range of up to 38 miles, and has a regen throttle for varying speeds. The NEW Apollo City 2022 price is $1,299, and is currently available for preorder on the company’s website. The brand is also committed to helping the environment, planting a tree for every trike it sells.

The price of the NEW Apollo City 2022 is slightly higher than that of the older model, but the benefits far outweigh the price. This e-scooter provides a top-tier riding experience and safety, and is a reliable mode of transportation in urban environments. So, if you’re looking for a reliable urban transportation system, look no further than the Apollo City 2022! There’s a model for everyone – from the newest urban explorer to the more experienced commuter.

While the new Apollo City isn’t the fastest scooter in the world, its ride quality is top-notch, making it a great option for commuters, commuting, and touring. The hand grips are a little wobbly, but the stem and other elements of the bike are rock solid. A small flaw is that the folding hook falls out of the deck latch when folded, but stays in place when the rider lifts it.

Battery life

In a world of electric scooters, the Apollo City 2022 has a lot of features, and the new model is no exception. Besides a fast three-amp charger that charges batteries 50% faster than the previous model, the new model also has a battery management system that protects and extends the battery pack’s life. The system also keeps the battery operating within safe limits. Here’s a closer look at the new model’s features.

The NEW Apollo City 2022 comes in single and dual motor models. Both models have the same speed and range, but the Single and Dual motor models differ in weight and top speed. Despite this, the dual-motor version offers more speed and range. You can add up to 14 miles to your battery life with the dual-motor model. Both models are comfortable and easy to fold. The batteries last for up to 30 miles between charges.

The Apollo City features a triple braking system. This helps preserve the battery even when slowing down. The regenerative brake system is controlled by the additional throttle on the left handlebar. It also has a battery charge indicator and a seat to make the ride more convenient. The ride is also fun and affordable. The model costs $1,099, and with every purchase, Apollo will plant a tree in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and promote a sustainable future.

Ride quality

While the price of the NEW Apollo City 2022 is higher than its competitors, you can still expect a premium build quality that is worth the cost. The design is almost unrecognizable from its predecessor, channeling the sleek, space gray palette of the iPhone. The sleek frame is also complemented by vibrant orange highlights. Whether you’re riding around town or tackling the streets, the ride quality of the NEW Apollo City 2022 will keep you coming back for more.

This new model features a high-quality app integrated into the handlebar, which displays various ride data. It shows speed, battery life, and other essential information about your ride. You can even adjust the cruise speed through the app. Other features include a sleek, modern design, and cutting-edge technologies. The ride quality of the NEW Apollo City 2022 is unmatched by any other electric scooter on the market. Its sleek design and quality build make it an excellent choice for people who are on a tight budget.

The brakes on the NEW Apollo City 2022 are one of the most impressive features. They have a triple braking system. The front brakes feature a drum brake, and the rear brake uses an electric regenerative brake. These features ensure the ride quality is both safe and enjoyable. It’s priced at only $1,099, and the company plants a tree with every purchase. This environmentally-friendly feature is also the perfect choice for someone looking for a high-quality electric bike.


The reliability of the Apollo City 2022 is impressive. This electric scooter beats 67% of models in its class and 80% of its comparable competitors when it comes to real-world mileage. It’s also a better choice for commuters than comparable scooters in its class, so it ranks 2nd in this category. But, there are a few downsides to this model, which we’ll explore in this review.

The handlebar hook tends to pop out when folded, but it can easily be reattached with a carry handle. The handlebars are also easy to assemble and secure with hex screws. The drum brakes are also easy to tighten by twisting the nut on the end of the brake wire. However, the weight of the bike will slow you down. It will take 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

The Apollo City is equipped with a wide array of features. It features a mobile app, an IP56 water-resistance rating, powerful regen brakes, and superb build quality. You can adjust top speed, incline rate, and range by adjusting the controls. If you are heavier, you can opt for the Apollo Ghost. This electric scooter can handle any terrain. Its dual motors can accommodate riders up to 145 pounds.


The Comfort of Apollo City 2022 is a hybrid electric scooter that offers a superior real-world mileage rating over its competition. Its top-class performance is due in large part to the 21700 battery cells, the same type used in Tesla electric cars. These cells deliver greater energy density than their predecessors, 18650 cells, resulting in a higher battery usage per ride. This scooter also has an advanced battery management system that is designed to maintain peak performance over several years.

While marketing materials suggest that the Apollo City can handle inclines of up to 15 degrees, test results show that the ride becomes sluggish at higher inclines. The standard size and power of the motor are more than sufficient for most urban inclines. Nonetheless, if you live in a hilly area, you might want to consider the dual-motor version. The price and weight of the model are comparable to those of other electric scooters.

Whether you’re riding to work or to play, the Comfort of Apollo City 2022 will be the ideal transport. With its powerful 600W motor, it can go the distance and is capable of a massive top speed. Its powerful electric torque response is another bonus. Moreover, this electric scooter comes with a 24-month warranty. The ride quality is also great, thanks to the sizeable handlebars and ergonomic controls. You can adjust the top speed and accelerate to your own comfort levels. You can also adjust the brakes to slow down or stop and set regen.

Updated Specs (For Dual Motor Version – City Pro)

– 48V 18Ah battery, instead of 13.5Ah (The result: 38-mile maximum range vs 25-miles)
– Maximum rider weight of 265 lbs (120 kg), instead of 220 lbs (100 kg)
– New price $1,799, instead of $1,699

Almost unrecognizable from its predecessor’s white, blue, and black color scheme, the new City channels a futuristic, space gray palette that’s evocative of the alluring finish you see on iPhones.

Everything from the custom proprietary mold (which cost Apollo an eye-watering amount to make), to the integration of its many features – including a mobile app that unlocks extra layers of personalization, self-healing tires, an IPX6 water resistance rating, powerful regen brakes, sublime one-click folding mechanism, and the best turn signals we ever tested – all combine to push the frontiers of the congested commuter electric scooter category into exciting new dimensions and deliver the City’s piece de resistance, its build quality.

In the video, there are 9 key chapters (Who Is It Best For / Pros & Cons / Old vs New / Value / Alternatives / Design / Ride Quality / Performance / Extra Features), but to make it easier for you to find the information that you care the most about, I’ve added time stamps for each section in the chapters.

00:00 – Intro
03:31 – Who Is It Best For?
05:22 – Pros & Cons
06:55 – Value For Money
08:29 – Old vs New Comparison
09:25 – Alternatives
15:55 – Design (Handlebars)
18:15 – Design ( Frame)
19:20 – Design (Deck)
20:40- Design (Tires)
22:03 – Design (Build Quality)
24:40 – Design (Weight & Load)
25:41 – Design (Portability)
26:53 – Ride Quality
28:00 – Performance (Top Speed)
28:28 – Performance (Speed vs Price)
30:12 – Performance (Speed vs Weight)
30:50 – Performance (Acceleration)
31:54 – Performance (Maximum & Real Mileage)
32:18 – Performance (Mileage vs Price)
34:07 – Performance (Mileage vs Weight)
34:53 – Performance (Hill Climbing)
35:26 – Performance (Suspension)
37:02 – Performance (Braking)
37:57 – Performance (Charge Time)
38:15 – Extra Features – Intuitive Display
39:22 – Extra Features – Mobile App
40:08 – Extra Features – Lights & Turn Signals
41:13 – Where to Buy

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