Nami Burn-e VS Kaabo Wolf Warrior King GT – 100m Drag Race!

Here it is, the much anticipated show down between Nami Electric’s Burn-e and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior King GT! We pit them against each other in 100m drag race, using two 94kg riders. The battle for the 72V heavyweight crown!

Interested in purchasing a Nami Burn-e or Kaabo Wolf Warrior King – see links below:

UK Nami Burn-e Facebook group:

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A Motorcycle Alarm System

To help prevent theft, many motorcycle owners invest in a motorcycle alarm system. There are many different systems available, each offering its own features. When choosing your system, there are a number of different available options that you’ll want to consider.

Traffic Safety For Motorcycles

There is nothing more fun than a motorcycle ride on a nice warm day. Whether your ride takes you out in the open country or through a large metropolitan area, you have an unhindered three hundred sixty degree view. Riding on a motorcycle can become dangerous if you do not observe some basic safety rules.

Florida Helmet Laws

Florida helmet law Since July 2000, motorcycle riders have not had to adhere to a universal helmet law, requiring all riders, regardless of age, to wear a helmet when operating their motorcycles. Today, Florida helmet laws stipulate that riders over the age of 21 who have at least $10,000 in medical coverage can legally ride their bikes without wearing a helmet, a move which was considered a victory by many bikers unhappy with universal helmet laws that had been in effect until that time.

HCI Helmets Offer Lightweight Models, Fair Cost, Satisfaction

For motorcycle enthusiasts, the search for a helmet can be as complicated a process as buying custom made shoes, more so perhaps, since there are so many styles of head protective helmets, and personal preferences are as varied as the individuals wearing them.

Discount Motorcycle Helmets – How to Buy One

The best way to buy a discount motorcycle helmet is through a specialty shop or dealer. While that might seem to go without saying, there are other options for finding discounted motorcycle gear.

Harley Helmets – It is a Style, a Choice

Motorcycle enthusiasts have a wide variety of choice when it comes to selecting the right Harley helmets. Perhaps the most important criteria, however, when choosing the perfect helmet is to ensure a proper fit.

Motorcycle Bikes and Trailers – Increase Your Load Without Losing the Joy Ride

Whether you want to tow your bike or tow a trailer behind your bike you are bound to find an option that suits your needs but doesn’t effect your ride. Cruisers and touring motorcycles were designed for a certain type of rider, one who wants to get the most out of their bike by traveling the country.

Discount Helmet – A Guide to Locating One

Motorcycle safety is a growing concern in the motorcycle community. The helmet is the minimum line of defense to prevent head injuries in accidents. Many states do not have laws that make it mandatory for helmets to be worn. Local motorcycle communities are always deeply affected when a fellow rider has had received serious injury or passed away due to an accident. When no helmet or safety gear is worn, many riders question if a helmet was worn would the rider have had a different outcome. Many motorcycle clubs and groups try to encourage its members to wear safety gear at all times. Some riders do see the benefits of investing in and always wearing their personal safety gear. Here are a few tips on obtaining a discount helmet.

Full Face Helmet

Among the most important pieces of safety equipment a motorcyclist should purchase is a helmet. When shopping for head protection for motorcycling, there are a number of different options available. There are a range of types, from smaller half helmets, or “brain buckets”, that protect only the top of the skull, to the full face helmet, which includes a protective chin bar and a shield which covers the face. The back of the full face style protects the occipital region of the skull as well, providing protection over more area than more abbreviated helmets in the event of an accident. Some riders dislike the effect of “helmet hair” caused by the the more enclosed helmet, but others think that such effects are off-set by the avoidance of major reconstructive surgery, or death, in the event of a crash.

Motorcycle Safety Begins With a Helmet

When we ride without a helmet, we are risking our lives to save a few bucks on fuel. We are risking severe injury and even death to look cool on our motorcycles.

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