Nami Burn-e VS Kaabo Wolf Warrior King Electric Scooter 100m drag race!

Welcome back! This video we pit the Nami Burn-e against the Kaabo Wolf Warrior King in a heavy weight battle over 100m,

Both riders weigh 93kg and we used road tyres (slicks) on each electric scooter.

Interested in purchasing a Nami Burn-e or Kaabo Wolf Warrior King – see links below:

UK Nami Burn-e Facebook group:

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The Best Ways of Using MX Racing Gear

Motocross biking is one of the most adventurous and entertaining sporting events today. People get to see death defying stunts and high aerials in this sport which provides them with all the excitement and thrill that anyone would expect from it.

Motocross Apparel and Clothing – Ride Your Bike in Style

There are various brands supporting motocross riders and sponsoring motocross bikers and there are even more brands that produce the clothing for these riders and their fans. The motocross clothing lines are very famous and have the company logos imprinted on it, which is supported by the motocross bikers like Thor, Alpinestar, FOX etc.

Guide to Selecting the Best Motocross Apparel

If you are looking for the casual biking apparels for style then the accessories you will need are footwear, t-shirts, shorts, shirts, pants, hats and gloves. Also important is that for dirt-biking you should always opt for the clothing and gear which are vented. It should not be too loose or overly fitting.

Motocross Gear – Where to Buy Affordable Gear

To be on the safer side the riders need to ensure that they are properly laced with good quality protective gear at all times when riding. To be safe the riders should use the best MX Riding Gear and follow the sport’s rules diligently.

Motocross Accessories, Gears and Parts – Part of the Sport

This sport demands immense stamina levels which are not only essential for the rider but also for the rider’s dirt bike. Both the rider and his or her bike need to be in perfect tuning to carry off this sport well and safely. For this, it is important to have proper Motocross performance parts and gears. A riders’ safety is highly dependent on the quality of the gear he/she is wearing and on the bike he/she is riding.

Suit Your Style With the Latest Motocross Gear

The riders would wear MX clothing like jofa pants, open faced helmets, and also use leather protections. There was no definitive protective equipment available which was especially made for dirt biking.

Motocross Gears – An Essential Part of Motocross

Motocross is one of the most dangerous and challenging sports. It is all about flying dozens of feet in the air, the inevitable crashes, jumping over hills and dirt mound and hard landings. However, motocross accessories and gears just make the sport safer and comfortable.

Purchasing an Electric Scooter

There are a lot of different types of electric scooters available on the market today that are just what people are looking for. Some are less expensive than others and some are more costly, but provide more functionality than the low end electric scooters.

Gas Powered Motorized Scooters

Parents who are looking for their child’s first scooter may want to consider discount gas powered motorized scooters. A cheap first scooter can allow the parents to first make sure the child will enjoy riding the scooter and is mature enough to handle the responsibility.

Alpinestars Gloves Are the Best Motorcycle Gloves on the Market

This article discusses Alpinestars gloves, the best motorcycle gloves on the market. It describes four of the best-selling Alpinestars gloves and talks about why they are the best gloves money can buy.

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