My Top 5 Electric Scooters of 2022!

Check out my favorite e-scooters that I reviewed over the past year! This list has scooters of every size, performance level and price. You can check out the links to the scooters, any discount codes, and my full video reviews down below!

~~ Spoilers Ahead! ~~
Scooters and Links:

#5: EMOVE Roadrunner
Currently $300 off. Discount code “RK9”
Review Video:

#4: Gotrax GMAX Ultra
Amazon Link:
Currently $50 off
Review Video:

#3: Varla Eagle One Pro
Currently $200 off. Discount code “RK9”
Review Video:

#2: NIU KQi2 Pro
Currently 10% off
Review Video:

#1: NIU KQi3 (Sport, Pro, Max)
Review Video (Pro):
Review Video (Max):

RK9 Rides website and socials:

How to Become an Excellent Motorbike Rider

Constantly remember to take some safety program before riding a motor cycle. Try as well as discover out the course which is nearby to your place as well as if there is no such program readily available near your area then attempt and also discover some close friend of your own who can help you with this.

Get the Latest Motocross Accessories For Your Bike

A wide array of equipments are currently available in the marketplace that act as the excellent accessories your bikes and also at the very same time they are available in useful and also assistance in your bike maintenance. Motocross devices and equipments are costly as they are 10 times sturdier as well as technically advanced then ordinary biking equipments.

Motocross Accessories For Youngsters

For the young and the seasoned alike, the safety helmet is the top priority among cyclists around the world. It needs no discussing that a headgear is a must also if it is just normal, road cycling. Constantly bear in mind to purchase from reputed stores as chances of acquiring fake or sub-standard products are very little if you purchase them from a showroom.

Cheap Mopeds – Know the Downsides

If you’re aged 16, looking for your initial moped in the UK, those affordable mopeds from China or India look tempting. Typically to buy at much less than half the price of the popular brands, exists a catch with these low-cost mopeds or are they real deals?

Airbag Motorcycle Vest Sets – A New Trend For Summer Riders

Among the ideal times to ride a motorbike is in the summer season when the weather condition is warm, and also you need not stress over the rainfall or the snow. Some say that it is likewise safer to travel in a warm weather due to the fact that the roads are not unsafe, however is there really any ideal time for travel which can guarantee you of a 100% mishap free experience?

Tips For Buying Discount Motorcycle Tires

When it comes right to it, the tires are among the most vital parts on your motorcycle. They’re what maintains you “stuck” to the road, so spending in a good set is necessary. Buying the most affordable collection of tires you can locate isn’t always the best decision, nevertheless you can locate great discount rate bike tires without trading away your safety as well as resilience. Allow’s check out some of the important things you need to know.

Motorcycle Gloves – More Important Than You Think

Motorbike Gloves are more crucial than most individuals realize. Your hands are vital to your well being so your gloves come to be vital likewise.

Scooters Provide Fun and Mobility

What do youngsters as well as grandparents share when it involves mobility scooters? What benefits do scooters supply to them?

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter – A Good All Round Scooter

The Razor E300 electrical scooter can be a lot of fun as well as get you where you intend to go swiftly. You can ride in style by getting one in numerous of shades that they can be found in.

Motorized Scooters – Popular Fuel Efficient Vehicles

The moment of cheap gas has actually passed. In some components of the world individuals are paying twice as much per gallon as they were a couple of years earlier. And the media tells us that the rates will certainly remain to obtain greater. So, what is the remedy?

Is the Mini Motorcycle Right For You?

The world of riding motorbikes is currently transforming. We currently have the Mini Pocket Rocket. Whenever these mini bikes are reviewed, there always appears to be some sort of difference. There are individuals out there who assume this thing needs to be unlawful and there are some who believe it is way to risky. Nevertheless, the reality is these things disappear dangerous than typical sized motorbikes.

How To – Motorcycle Chroming and Chrome Restoration

Chrome can be brought back to a gorgeous appeal and also shine. Below’s some what tos and what not tos to assist you make your chrome beam like the experts.

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