Minimotors Dualtron Storm, Masterpiece of Mayhem :Dualtron Storm First Look

Finally, the Dualtron Storm has arrived! Take an exclusive look at the new Dualtron Storm electric scooter and see why we call it BONKERS.

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German Motorcycle Helmets – A Popular Helmet Style Even to This Day

The motorcycle first came to be in the days of WWII during which they were put into use for many of the soldiers so they could get around more easily. Those that rode the motorcycles also wore protective gear, some styles of which still exist today and are quite popular in the motorcycle market. One particular style of gear that remains popular to this day is the German motorcycle helmet.

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

People choose to ride motorcycles for a variety of reasons. Many avid motorcycle enthusiasts cite an increased sense of freedom, increased maneuverability, and entertainment as reasons to ride. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle dramatically increases your risk of injury and accident. In fact, in 2006, over 4,700 biker fatalities were reported in the United States. Even more tragic is the fact that a large number of these accidents were preventable.

Does Your Alarm Snitch on Thieves?

Most thieves are aware that a good alarm is the first accessory on the shopping list for any Motorcyclist. With the ease in which a Motorbike can be stolen, not to mention the lightning speed in which it happens, fitting an alarm is the very first line of defense and in most cases will actually prevent the theft taking place at all.

Motorbikes at the Movies

Motorbikes have created some iconic moments in film. This article provides a little look at some of the most fondly remembered.

Popular Custom Chopper Parts For Your Next Project

The chopper is one of the most unique looking motorcycles on the road today for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that they have a look like no other bike on the road and are unique in the sense that they are created based on a new and fresh design just about each and every time. The chopper really is a motorcycle like a Harley Davidson with many of it’s parts replaced by custom parts and accessories. The existing parts of the chopper have been chopped off. Another type of chopper is one that has been built completely from scratch, and not broken down from an existing motorcycle.

What to Look For When Buying Motorcycle Riding Gloves?

Motorcycle gloves are essential riding equipment. We manufacture motorcycle gloves for all types of motorcycle riding for any budget.

Fox Jersey & Pants Review

When I first started racing motocross I was surprised by how many riders that were wearing motocross jerseys and pants. I guess it’s almost a must in this sport because you have to look good while riding. I got the Fox Racing HC 180 Jersey & Pants Combo.

Electric Scooters Ensure That Gas Prices Do Not Affect You

The rising prices of gasoline are sending everyone into a tizzy which is why it pays to think about buying electric scooters which provide a viable alternative and which ensure that you do not have anything to worry about in terms of gas bills. There are scooters that represent bargain shopping options which besides providing economical benefits are also good for the environment. They offer you convenience, safety and nothing to worry in terms of operating costs and they keep the environment pure as well.

Mopeds Are Inexpensive and a Good Option

In these testing times when prices of everything including gasoline are rising it is a good idea to look for alternatives such as mopeds that provide a number of benefits. If you look for these two wheeled marvels you will find numerous sources but Best Xtreme Scooters is one that is worth looking at in earnest.

Gas Scooters – The XG-505 and the XG-550

If you are fed up with paying a lot of money each month on gas then pause and consider the benefits that you will get if you opt instead to check out what gas scooters have to offer. These are alternative ways of commuting and are certainly a better option than a gasoline driven scooter. You will find many different models among the gas driven scooters and there are some models that are speedy while others are not; so, you can pick a model that suits your needs.

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