Minimotors Dualtron Storm Deep Dive | Liveshow #92

Tune in to learn all about the Minimotors Dualtron Storm (! We will dive deep in the Dualtron Storm’s performance, ride quality and more!

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Used Motorcycle Inspections – Ensure Your Next Bike is in Great Condition

Learn valuable, reusable vehicle inspection techniques. Protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers. Find the perfect used motorcycle for you.

How to Ride a Scooter Safely

If you are about to get started riding a scooter, you should consider a few things before you climb on board and take off. For those who have never ridden a scooter, taking some time to make sure that they are operating the vehicle safely will be well worth the effort in the end.

The Difference Between the 2009 and 2010 – Honda 450 Dirt Bike

Since the introduction of electronic fuel injection into dirt bikes in 2008, the dirt bike industry has changed for the better. Suzuki was the first to come out with EFI, however all the hype didn’t live up to its expectations. The bike introduced more problems than it did strong points. In 2009 Suzuki, Honda, and Kawasaki all came out with an EFI bike for their 450 lines and completely revolutionized the dirt bike industry.

Motorcycle Mohawks – Personal Statement Or Safety Accessory?

Are they just for attention? Or, do they also represent a certain degree of safety?

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Never ride your motorcycle without your helmet. Make sure it fits securely and has a DOT label, which symbolizes compliance with federal safety standards.

EVS BJ22 Review

Have you ridden your dirt bike and crashed hard without wearing any protection on upper body? It hurts, doesn’t it? And it doesn’t always go away after a couple hours either.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle crash can be a shocking, terrifying, and life-threatening experience. Crashes can happen before either party has time to react, causing severe injury and damage to everyone and everything involved. The events immediately following an accident can be chaotic and emotions are often running high. If you are in a serious accident, it can be difficult to stay focused on the important things and set aside your anger, frustration, and panic. Knowing how to respond after a crash can help you ensure that you get the necessary assistance and information that you need.

Which One is Best – An Electric Motor Scooter Or a Gas Powered Scooter?

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Visor Anti-Fog Treatment Made Clear

Motorcycle helmet visors have usually already had anti-fog treatment when you buy them, but is that really all you need? Fogging is a major issue with motorbike helmets. The visor shuts over an enclosed space and your breath can cause huge visibility problems on an ordinary day, not just an especially cold one.

Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding and Windchill Factor

Riding a motorcycle in cold weather is a challenge to even the hardiest soul. Layers of underclothes from silky thin to medium and heavy the search for cold weather motorcycle clothes is dynamic. The seasoned rider not wanting to hang up the chaps and admit defeat rides on. Regardless, watching the weather and dressing appropriately is the answer to a safe and fun ride.

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