Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro Review | Top seller with top marks?

The Eagle has landed! Finally, we have taken flight with the Minimotors Eagle Pro (, put it through our certified testing, and are ready to give you our thorough impression.

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Note: All testing performed with scooters in fastest modes, with the exception that the Dualtron Eagle Pro was set to P9 = 2 (“battery save” = medium).
Eagle Pro was subsequently re-tested set to P9 = 3 (battery save = off)
Updated performance numbers:
Shown (P9 = 2) Updated (P9 = 3)
0 – 15 mph 2.8 s 2.7 s
0 – 20 mph 4.1 s 3.8 s
0 – 25 mph 6.1 s 6.1 s
0 – 30 mph 9.2 s 8.3 s
Hill climb
9.2 s 9.1 s
Top speed:
37.7 mph 38.3 mph (ESG speeds always measured via GPS, not speedometer)
Performance numbers have been updated on our website, and in our articles (see links below).

Intro: 00:00
Basics: 01:13
Price: 01:30
Performance: 01:46
Portability: 04:15
Trunk Test: 04:56
How to lock: 05:05
Ride: Quality: 05:13
BTS: 06:37
Build Quality: 08:18
Safety Features: 09:29
Pros/Cons: 10:28

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